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We are accountants based in Ilford Essex and Canary Wharf in London. Our offices in Ilford and Canary Wharf are walking distance from the train station and amidst the town centre and the administrative centre of London and Essex. We specialise in Small businesses, Ecommerce, Income tax returns and VAT.

  • Specialist Small Business Accountants
  •  Over 100 5 Star reviews from satisfied customers
  • We provide Fixed Fees for all our services

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Finding a local accountant can be stressful, as you may need many different types of services combined. We specialise in the following:

  • Small businesses Limited company services (Preparation and filing Accounts and CT600)
  • Contractor Accounting services
  • Company incorporation services
  • Self employed Accounts and Self Assessment Tax return services
  • Property income tax and capital gains tax
  • Payroll and pensions auto enrolment services
  • Vat returns and vat advice
  • Personal Self Assessment tax return services

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We are based in Ilford Essex and London, we work with individuals and businesses and help you meet your deadlines and provide general tax advice on all our packages.

There are many accountancy companies in London, but it is hard to separate those that offer good services from those that provide poor services. However, we are proud to state that our accountancy firm is one of the Best rated among the companies in Redbridge.

What sets us apart from other accountants is our skills and commitment. We are famous for our ability to stay current in an ever-changing accounting and HM revenue and customs tax laws.  Our accountants shed light on areas where expenses arise and helps you stay obedient. Working with us will make sure that your self-assessment and tax returns are punctual, accurate and filed on time. Our firms offers great packages for small businesses and helps you with your company accounts and tax return.

Limited company Accounting

We assist you in filing your accounts and tax return (CT600) to companies house and HMRC. We provide the whole package from bookkeeping, trial balance and in to final accounts to ensure that you are compliant. This ensures the Accuracy of the information from each task and we review to see if  you are claiming the allowable expenses.

With our help, small business owners can take time away from their daily book keeping tasks and focus on other business related needs such as business development. Therefore, our services are designed to take care of your business like you would take care of it with full expertise and caution.

Understanding a Limited company formation is important, this is now separate legal entity. In a sole trader business, you are the business and you can use the money in the bank without any restrictions. In a company, this will be taken out as a directors loan, dividend, paye income, and bonuses. The rules and taxes can be complex on the directors loan account. It’s important to employ an accountant at an early stage to avoid pitfalls.

We have highlighted below some of the obligations of a director and some key differences between sole traders. You can visit our page limited company information for further information.

  • The company is a separate legal entity
  • The companies money is not the directors
  • There are filing duties for the director
  • Corporation tax and personal tax is payable

Payroll Services

GM professional Accountants help small businesses run weekly and monthly payroll. From calculating the payroll deduction, RTI submissions, issuing payslips and auto enrolment. We ensure that you comply with the legislation and keep you up to date with changes. We also cater from CIS deductions, whether you are a contractor or a subcontractor, we can claim the CIS suffered and calculate the amount due to HMRC with our payroll services. . You can outsource your payroll services to GM professional accountants , we have cost effective packages for small businesses.

We as experts are aware of all these facts and our services serve all needs of small companies. Our services in this area are accurate and cost effective. The benefits of our payroll services on small sized companies are related to the fact staff members need time to focus on their yield. Our services also save time and also saves the business from some payroll related costs. While providing clients with payroll services, we consider such things as price and ease of use.

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Bookkeeping Services

Our company also provides consultancy services to small businesses. Our advice is based on our many year of practice in the area of book keeping. You can visit our online platform or our offices in London where we can talk about many accountancy issues that are likely to affect your business. For those who conduct their own book keeping services, we advise them to keep their accounts in an orderly manner. We also advise them to file them at all times by separating them based on each Accounting Period.

This makes sure that you stay organised and compliant during your the monthly, quarterly and yearly deadlines. This also makes that your accounts are easy to read and follow. Also keep your bank statements and business related expenses, purchases and sales separate.

Failure to maintain your records, this will lead to fines. Accounts are very important to keep up to date, as this is the foundation for accounts. Accounts also help to define whether your business is doing well over the years.  A profit or loss for the year can be created to see how well your business is doing in your current year. If you are a Sole Trader or a Limited Company you will have to file Accounts annually. For VAT Registered businesses, Sole Trader or Limited Company, your VAT Returns must be done quarterly or annually.

This means you will have to stay organized and compliant at all times to help you make the year end process efficient. When the new digital tax scheme comes into place in the near future, all small business and self-employed persons will have to file and submit tax returns quarterly. You must also stay organised when you need to submit a Tax Rebate form. You will need to make sure you have your p45s and p60s for correct summations.

If you think you have been Taxed unfairly, you can check our Tax Refund page, which explains if you are legible for a Tax Refund. If you have still not received your p45 or p60 from your former bosses, contact them as soon as possible. They are most likely to have these forms as they have a legal obligation to keep records for 6 years. The best way to organise your Payslips, p45s and p60s are to create a filing system which can separate the financial years in monthly order. This way you will stay compliant.

Tax Services

Making some tax savings is the goal of most companies. To address these related challenges and to make some savings from the same, it is good to apply the guidance of financial experts like us. Our skilled accountants have the skills and the competence needed to make sure that you make some tax savings and that you seize any open chance. Our experts view planning as a chief process of the strategic tax planning process. We know that some calculated decisions cannot be made by one person. Therefore, we use our teams of skilled accountants when planning for your levies for good results.

Our experts are gifted with various skills at the local, national and global level meaning that you can trust us with your tax planning at ball these levels. Since we have served different clients’ needs, we have a lot of knowledge on many issues that may affect your business. We also know the issues that businesses at different levels face. We know that the tax issues of a small business might not be similar to those of a global corporation. Therefore, our company covers every situation that affects every business in a unique way.

Ecommerce Business

Our Accountants specialise in the Ecommerce sector, whether you are trading on Amazon, Ebay or shopify . We understand the reporting, accounting and tax on these platforms. Our dedicated accountants help you unravel the complicated reports, we can support you by downloading the necessary reports in order fulfil your accounting requirements. As this is a specialist area, there are certain questions such as what is vatable, what vat you can claim back. You may be trading outside the EU, in a Limited company that has its central office in the UK, corporation tax is payable here.


Summary As we finish, remember, our company wins by making winners from other businesses. We also have answers to your book keeping needs and we provide all book keeping help at cheap prices. Our able workers are interested in your business’ health. Many years of practice in book keeping methods helps our client in a special and pleasant manner. We understand that running a business is stressful and we want to take part of this stress form you. Our main aim at this moment is to come up with a mutual long term tie with all our customers. We will make this possible through our true and quality services.

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