Accountants for Gas Engineers Guide


GM Professional Accountants provide accounting and tax services for Gas Engineers. We have been providing accounting and tax advice for gas experts for several years.

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Our team of experienced accountants can help you identify the possibilities of tax relief that you can legally claim. It will allow you to take home more of your income while providing you with the confidence that you won’t get hit with a large tax payment at the end of the financial year.


We charge a fixed monthly amount to our clients without any hidden costs for providing a range of accounting and tax-related services. It benefits you with the confidence of optimum tax payments, higher disposable income, and peace of mind due to full and timely compliance.

1. We help you complete your tax returns, tax calculations, and statutory accounting requirements.

2. We provide online access to our portal to invoice and log the expenses for a convenient recording of details.

3. You can update your accounts instantly using online accounting software from the leading brands available out there.

4. Our job is to ensure that you always fulfil your tax obligations in full, thereby maximizing the capital allowances.

5. From time to time, we give structured advice to improve tax efficiency in your professional practice.

6. We always ensure your 100% compliance with relevant legislation and its latest amendments.

7. We provide full assistance in preparing your annual accounts with periodic accounting statements, including the balance sheet and your Profit & Loss account statements.

8. We provide help in installing, managing, and maintaining your payroll and book-keeping systems.

9. You can improve your business cash flow management to suit your business needs.



You may not be aware, but there is a wide range of expenses that you can claim in your accounting and tax returns to optimize tax payments. We have drafted a comprehensive list of all types of possible business expenses that are admissible as an allowable business expense for tax purposes. However, the list is indicative and not exhaustive.

1. Landline phone bills for business use

2. Internet and Mobile phone bills for business use

3. Materials used for your work

4. Repairs and maintenance of equipment

5. Protective clothing, e.g., boots and overalls

6. Laundry & cleaning charges

7. Interest on loans taken for running the business

8. Postage & stationery and Computer consumables

9. Replacement tools

10. Trade Magazines and trade subscriptions

11. Fuel for vehicles

12. Road tax, MOT, and insurance premium

13. Hire Purchase interest on business assets

14. Advertising

15. Bank charges on the business bank account

16. Leasing of plant & equipment

17. Vehicle leasing

18. Accountancy fees

19. Traveling expenses and Fare

20. Parking & Tolls

21. Vehicle running costs

22. Sustenance (if working away from home)

23. Wages 

24. Use of home as your office: work from home 

25. Other miscellaneous items


We have provided services related to accounting and tax for many years for Gas Engineers, focusing on their specific needs. We offer unique services to our clients as follows:


You can choose from two convenient options for fee payment, whichever is best for you. We provide both fee payment options of monthly fee or hourly rates. We are also flexible to offer a comprehensive package for an extended period, covering all sorts of accounting tasks.

2. ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE HELP & ADVICE Our team of skilled accountants can set up all the leading accounting software so that you get the maximum mileage out of it. We offer our services to work with top accounting software brands like Xero.

3. TRUSTED ONLINE ACCOUNTANTS We have provided our trusted services for several years to deliver the best customer service with our years of experience in accounting and tax services. Most recently, our esteemed clients have chosen us as the number one accounting firm on Google Reviews.