Closing Limited Company with A Bounce Back Loan Implications

How long does an insolvency case take?

Liquidation can be a long and harrowing process but that doesn’t mean that you have to go at it uninformed.

An insolvency case can range from one to two years but it’s not unheard of for them to last longer. The rule of thumb is, that the size of the liquidation is a good barometer for the length of said liquidation. In the case of compulsory liquidation, three months seems to be the general average between the initial threat and the end-of-court proceedings. Although in either case, all time frames presented are just the time it takes for liquidation approval.

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What do insolvency companies do?

An insolvent company is a company whose assets are not enough to handle its debts and liabilities. It is a common occurrence for an insolvent company to be unable to pay off its debts.

What happens when you go into insolvency?

When one goes into insolvency, the company is forced to close down due to being able to pay off its debts and liabilities. There are two forms of insolvency: compulsory liquidation and voluntary liquidation.

What is the difference between liquidation and insolvency?

Insolvency is the state of being unable to pay your bills and debts. Liquidation is the process a company must go through once they have been deemed insolvent.

Can I liquidate my company myself?

Only a licensed insolvency practitioner can liquidate a company. As a result, you are unable to liquidate your own company unless you have been licensed for such a task.

Can an accountant do liquidation?

While only a licensed insolvency practitioner can handle the liquidation process of a company, your accountant can definitely offer some guidance and assistance as the process takes place. Though this is up to your discretion only. Whether or not you allow your accountant to help is up to the position your company is currently in.

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How much does insolvency cost the UK?

In the UK, the insolvency fee falls within the range of four thousand to five thousand pounds but keep in mind that the size of the corporation will affect these prices. Not to mention that any small limited companies will have to contend with the price of VAT.

Can a company be struck off with a bounce-back loan?

Unfortunately, you can not strike your company off unless you have paid back your bounce-back loan. in situations such as these, your best course of action is to liquidate your company.

What happens to a bounce-back loan if a company closes?

During the process of liquidation, a bounce-back loan becomes unsecured debt as it is not secured against the company’s assets. Fortunately, this means that the lender must pursue the government for repayment in full.

Can I close my business with a BBL?

While it is certainly possible for a company with an outstanding bounce-back loan to be liquidated through a dissolution process, there exists a strong possibility that such a dissolution would invoke objections due to the debt being an unsecured one.

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