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What are Allowable Expenses? ltd company 2023/2024

The allowable expenses are actually the costs that are mandatory or essential for running a business. In case the expense is used for dual purpose i.e. personal use as well as business use, then you can claim the portion that is used for business purpose only. You can get the entire detailed list of all the allowable expenses along with the regulations from the government webpages of your city/state/country.

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Being a consultant means you have to closely work with different departments in a company. This will help you to come up with some efficient solutions that can maximise the growth of your business. In some cases, you may have to work along with the financial system of a client to formulate some strategies in future.

However, you can face difficulty in dedicating enough time for managing your own finances while you are taking care of other’s businesses. So, our team of expert accountants for consultants can be quite helpful.

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Our team of consultant accounting is specialised in providing the best and most efficient accounting services. Their work can help you in maximising your profits. We are here to work along with you and help you in improving your efficiency in accounting and taxes. This will also help you to avoid any chances of penalties related to incorrect or delayed submissions. We cater our service for your consultant company, regardless of which industry you are in i.e. architecture, finance and engineering etc.

Just like you provide your specialised knowledge and expertise to your client as a consultant, we can guide or advise the consultants regarding accounting.

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We believe in hi-tech solutions and our accountancy firm is driven with modern and latest technologies. This can make the tasks much easier, better and more accurate. We, at GM Professional Accountants, make sure to serve the best job as your personal accountant. We are just a call away to offer you with our unparalleled services and support.

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We are quite pro-active and we are here to ensure that your business or company is completely following all the tax rules and regulations efficiently. Do you have some questions or queries? Contact us! We are here to answer all your accounting-related questions, regardless of how big or small they are. We can provide you with answers via email as well as via phone calls. We guarantee you to provide the best service and you can be at complete peace of mind that your accounts are in safe hands.

Sole Traders – They may subtract the cost of total expenses that is allowed from the gross income before they work on the taxable profit. This means the income tax will not be paid on the incomes used for expenses.

Limited Company – Just like the sole traders, these limited company contractors can deduct the expenses only that are incurred for the business purpose solely. However, they can do the same from the gross income before they calculate the net profit for the purposes of Corporation Tax.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What expenses can you claim when you are self-employed?

If you are a self-employed worker, then you will be able to claim a lot of allowable expenses. These are:

  • Travel
  • Costs of office (i.e. stationary cost and rest of the commercial premise)
  • Cost of insurance
  • Marketing or advertising cost
  • Training cost
  • Financial costs

2. What expenses can you claim if you are self-employed and working from home?

According to the reasonable method of diving cost, a person who is self-employed and is working from home can claim some of the part of their expenditure. These are:

  • Use of internet
  • Heating cost
  • Cost of electricity
  • Rent or mortgage interest

3. What you cannot claim as your expense?

You cannot claim the expenses on the money that you can take from a business for playing the private purchases or expenses. These can be penalties or fines even related to business travels. You cannot claim expenses for the gifts or entertainment for customers or clients. Even clothing cannot be claimed as an expense in some of the circumstances.

You will not be able to claim money for the clothing that you are using for daily wear outside of your company or business. You can only claim clothing as your expense when the clothing is directly related to the necessity or safety. For instance, it can be a safety suit or costume in a children’s entertainment company.

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