Companies House Login/Register Webfiling UK 2023/2024

What is companies house?

It is essential to acknowledge that we are not associated with Companies House; instead, we are an independent Certified Accountancy firm. Companies House is a government-run agency under the remit of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and provides an easily searchable database of all UK businesses using either a company name, number or director’s particulars.


The Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy oversees Companies House – a government-run agency that offers an easy to access registry of all organizations situated in the UK. This can be looked up by either providing the name or registration number of the company as well as information about its director.

How to incorporate on Companies House?

In the United Kingdom, forming a business necessitates registering with Companies House. This procedure can be accomplished either online or through conventional mail (which is slower and pricier). On completion, you will obtain an incorporation document that comes equipped with the following: selecting a company name & registered address; appointing directors & secretaries; designating shareholders/guarantors; determining who has noteworthy control over the firm’s operations (e.g., one founder); generating a memorandum of association when enrolling electronically; preparing articles of association using model articles or creating original ones, and paying the filing fee before submitting your application.


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Choose a company name and registered address.

-Choose a Board of Directors, including a Secretary, to preside over the company

-Decide upon those who will serve as Shareholders and/or Guarantors

-Identify all individuals with significant control (PSC) over the organization (e.g., an individual originator)

-Craft a Memorandum of Association, which shall be automatically generated for you when registering online

-Compose Articles of Association either utilizing model articles or creating your own unique version thereof

-Remit payment for filing fees and submit the application


What can you submit on the Companies House WebFiling service?

Managing a limited company necessitates the upkeep of multiple documents and records that must be submitted to Companies House using their WebFiling service. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) may carry out audits to make sure your firm is making its proper tax payments. To enable online submissions, Companies House has various forms ranging from yearly returns and financial declarations to updates regarding director information. The full scope of these services is detailed hereunder.


Confirmation statement and accounts

In this section, you can post the following documents: a CS01 Confirmation Statement, an AA01 amendment for the accounting reference date, an AA02 set of dormant company accounts, audit-exempt abbreviated accounts and full accounts; furthermore a joint file of yearly returns/financial statements to Companies House/HM Revenue & Customs (Tax return & annual acccounts) alongside micro-entity account production.


How to log in to Companies House?

Logging into the Companies House webFiling service is straightforward. All you need to do is navigate to and enter your email address, password, authentication code, and company number before clicking submit. Once logged in, you will be met with a dashboard that gives an overview of all the details pertinent to your firm as well as any documents which have been published up until now. Furthermore, if desired you can set up eReminders at this point for promptness regarding future filing deadlines!


Is Companies House different from HMRC?

Companies House and HMRC are distinct entities, yet they have a tight-knit joint venture in some regions. They interchange crucial details, modify their operations to be more compatible with each other’s systems, thus improving productivity due to the partnership.


What happens if I don’t file with Companies House?

If you fail to hand in your financial records and tax filings to Companies House and HMRC before the expiry date, then you will be liable for a penalty. For public firms, there are different fines than those applicable for other organisations. If your accounts aren’t filed by the due date, an automated penalty notice will be distributed.


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