Corporation Tax rate change from 19% to 25% new 2023/2024

What are the new Corporation Tax rates?

Smaller businesses will not be required to pay the whole Corporate Tax rate but there is still the standard 19% which will increase to 25%. While businesses with yearly earnings of 250,000.00 Pounds or more are subject to the maximum 25% rate. Meanwhile, the current 19% rate will still be in effect if the annual profits are less than 50,000.00 Pounds. Hence, there will be an implemented application of a system of marginal relief between these two rates.

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What about short accounting periods and associated companies?

According to the initial press announcement about the Corporation Tax raise, during brief accounting periods and in cases where there are connected entities, the lower and higher limitations will be correspondingly lowered. For instance, the criteria will be between 25,000.00 and 125,000.00 Pounds if two connected entities exist.

Electrical Vehicle

1. Capital Allowances

The firm can deduct a 100% First Year Allowance from its corporation tax bill if a fully electric automobile is acquired outright or purchased by a hired entity. Nonetheless, the business will be responsible for paying corporation tax on any revenues from the sale of the car.

Electric vehicles are not eligible for the 130% super-deduction. The government offered qualified equipment and machinery. The super-deduction can only be availed until March 31, 2023.

2. Corporation Tax and Lease Payments

Lease payments are applicable if the vehicle is for leasing. This will be recorded as an expense, reducing the company’s profit and taxable income for the year.

3. Corporation Tax and Hire Purchase

The firm will benefit from a 100% first-year allowance and save corporation tax on interest on monthly payments if acquired through HP (Hire Purchase) arrangement.

4. VAT

It may be more favorable for businesses to use their electric vehicles for business purposes to be eligible for a VAT refund. If the vehicle is leased, they can deduct 50% of the VAT from the lease payments.

5. Benefit-in-kind

Electric vehicles have a benefit-in-kind or BIK rate of 2% of the vehicle’s list price, compared to 37% for gasoline and diesel vehicles. Note that this benefit-in-kind is not installing a charging station for a business vehicle. The employer and/or employee are responsible for paying tax and national insurance on benefits-in-kind, with the corporation paying the list price multiplied by 2% and the employee paying the marginal income tax rate. This 2% is added to the 13.8% national insurance rate payable by employers.

How will Corporation Tax work in 2023?

The standard rate of corporation tax for businesses with profits of at least 250,000.00 will be 25%. Meanwhile, businesses with earnings of at least 50,000.00 will be subjected to a 19% Small Profits Tax.

What are the changes to UK Corporation Tax 2023?

Corporation tax will be leveled at 25% and 19% for small profits threshold in the fiscal year 2024 (April) as proposed in Spring Finance Bill 2023.

How will the 25% Corporation Tax work?

Profits for companies with accounting periods that overlap April 1, 2023, will be the schedule of implementation of the Tax rate increase.

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