How to prepare a annual return charity commission trustees form

About Charity Trustees’ Annual Reports

Your trustees’ annual report serves as a crucial tool for conveying your charity’s activities to various stakeholders, including potential funders and beneficiaries.

If your charity is registered in England or Wales, you are required to prepare a trustees’ annual report along with your accounts. This report informs people about:

  • Your charity’s work
  • The sources of your funds
  • How you’ve allocated your funds in the past year
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For small non-company charities with an income under £500,000 (and assets below £3.26 million), a concise report should include:

  • Charity details: name, registration number, address, and trustee names
  • Organizational structure and management information, including trustee recruitment
  • Activities and objectives in the past year
  • Achievements and performance, emphasizing public benefit
  • A financial review, including debts and your reserves policy if applicable
  • Details of funds held as a custodian trustee

You have the option to add more detail to your report, but it only needs to be submitted to the commission with your annual return if your income exceeds £25,000 or upon request.

For larger or company charities, a comprehensive trustees’ annual report is necessary if your income exceeds £500,000 (or £250,000 with assets over £3.26 million) or if your charity is a company or CIO. Follow the guidelines outlined in SORP, and remember to upload a PDF copy with your annual return.

Charities’ SORP provides a framework for accounting and reporting to meet legal requirements, ensure consistency in accounting standards, and present a true and fair view. Depending on your charity type, use Charities SORP (FRS 102) or other specific SORPs.

Reporting on your charity’s public benefit is mandatory. For income under £500,000, you have flexibility in reporting, but at a minimum, include your charitable purposes, activities, and adherence to the commission’s public benefit guidance. For income exceeding £500,000, add information on your strategy, significant activities, and achievements in line with your purposes.

Annual Return Submission:

Submit your annual return to the Charity Commission within 10 months of your financial year end. Focus on reporting income and spending, answering questions in the annual return, without the need for additional documents.

Charities’ Annual Report Requirement:

All charities must maintain accounting records and prepare accounts for each financial year. Most registered charities must also prepare an annual report.

Submitting Annual Accounts to Charity Commission:

To submit annual accounts, create a My Charity Commission Account with a unique email address and password. Sign in to submit your charity’s annual return using your personal login information.

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