Buy to Let Property SPV Limited Company Tax Calculator 2024/25

SPV tax calculator

Your yearly Expenses

Put 0 if you do not have expenses in the fields below
Building insurance
This includes Estate agent fees and commissions
General maintenance and repairs: Costs Replacement of domestic items: Gardening and cleaning services:
Yearly interest cost not repayment
Mileage etc

Is it better to buy-to-let through a company?

Purchasing rental properties through a limited company allows investors to fully deduct finance costs, such as mortgage interest, from their taxes. This structure also offers access to potentially lower corporate tax rates and provides greater flexibility in financial planning, including for inheritance tax strategies.

How do you calculate buy-to-let profit?

The Return On Investment (ROI) is calculated by subtracting the annual mortgage interest and operating expenses from the annual rent and then dividing the result by the total cash invested. It’s important to note that this calculation does not account for tax expenses

How long does it take to set up an SPV?

SPVs are commonly set up as limited companies. The company registration process is quick, only taking a few minutes, and your company can be incorporated in as little as three working hours, though this is subject to Companies House’s workload. To establish an SPV, you need at least one director and one shareholder.

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