Maximise Savings: Zero-Rated VAT Solar Panel Calculator 2023/24

Solar Zero Rated Calculator
Are you installing solar panels on a residential property in the UK?
Are the solar panels newly purchased and installed by an approved installer?
Is this a commercial property installation?
Are the solar panels being purchased from one provider and installed by another?
Does the installation include maintenance or repairs on previously installed solar panels?
Are you purchasing solar batteries without a solar panel system before February 2024?

Can I claim VAT back on solar panels ?

Yes, in the UK, homeowners can take advantage of tax relief on solar panels through the government’s 0% VAT policy. This tax relief is applicable to both the purchase and installation of solar panels on residential properties, provided that the same supplier is used for both the purchase and installation. This policy can help reduce the overall cost of installing solar panels, making it a more appealing option for homeowners

Is there zero percent VAT on solar?

For residential properties in the UK, the installation of solar panels is subject to a 0% VAT charge. This significant tax incentive encourages homeowners to adopt renewable energy sources by reducing the overall cost of installation.

How does zero-rated VAT work?

Zero-rated goods and services are taxable at a rate of 0%. This means customers do not pay any VAT, but since the supply is still considered taxable, the supplier can reclaim the VAT paid on the costs of providing these goods or services.

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