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Specialists bookkeeping for Amazon seller

Specialists bookkeeping for Amazon seller

 There are many things one can look for in getting specialists bookkeeper in Amazon field. They are required to set priorities that will meet the bookkeeping and vat requirements, by having an understanding of the vat principles that will help to govern various activities within the Amazon field.

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The bookkeeper should understand the current events on overseas VAT regulations and accounting software packages when it comes to technology, be well conversant with the cost of different rates of vat and be ready to assist in these matter when problems arise.  

Accountants in London

GM Professional Accountants possess recommendable qualities and knowledge which we have attained from years of experience that includes tax planning, and be able to demonstrate those qualities into tax savings. GM Professional Accountants have experiences in the aspects of UK vat and this  boosted our reliability and makes our clients feel comfortable to focus on their business.

 There will be successful and progressive business when the bookkeeper implements good ledger skills and easily bonds with them by responding to various queries and concerns.

 Specialist bookkeepers understand the requirements of the Amazon Company to various services and can come up with strategies to solve business-related problems.

 When it comes to finances, they should be knowing how to secure account data, paying attention to every detail in the statutory accounts for accuracy. Find a good bookkeeper from a trusted source for instance, checking our google reviews and our accounting body.  Also, consider a bookkeeper who understands the local surrounding within the business area who will provide good detailed services to a customer that is remotely located.

As with any other business, effective bookkeeping for Amazon seller will need to provide current answers to many queries for an incredible financial outcome. First, there should be appropriate ledgers on invoices and expenses of a given period of time then the income and expenses analysed, this should allow you to make informed decisions.

 when it comes to tax assessment to avoid over or understatement of taxes, bookkeepers can help strategize for these taxes and many liabilities, giving a good report to the owner and planning for bank loans that will boost the business. It will also, provide a clear picture of how the company finances are progressing without missing out on any detail. Bookkeepers also maintain the aspects of finance intact with the goal of driving forward the business in a rewarding manner.

Bookkeeping Services Fees in London

Bookkeeping Service Specialists in London and Essex 


Why does a business need bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping services are a vital part of the business and every business is responsible to keep legal records of all their transactions.  There is no format but it is recommended that you keep copies of Sales, Purchases , Expenses and a nominal activity report for the periods. This can be kept on a software system as we are reaching the age of digital tax. Records are also easier to access electronically. A bookkeeping software system allows you to have control of your business.  It allows you to see your creditors and debtors at any given time. The data allows you to make informed decisions about the business and can help you maintain accurate data when needed.


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How does the process work?

We request your bookkeeping records; you may have these in paper format or filed away electronically. It is important you keep good records to claim the relevant expense, otherwise it will be difficult to prove this to HMRC.  We can provide you with our bookkeeping software or you can outsource all of your bookkeeping to us. We will contact you and set a suitable frequency in order to start the procedure. If you are a vat registered business, we will give you access to the software and you will be able to check your records at any time.

How much does a bookkeeper cost?

GM Professional Accountants deliver a highly efficient bookkeeping service to Londoners. We guarantee exceptional standards of work and provide up to date and thorough information, to enable you to make the right decisions for your business. Even if you’re a small business, we provide low cost packages that meet your needs. Bookkeeping services can start as little as £50 per month for new start ups. You can tailor the package to your needs. We can even provide you with our own online bookkeeping software.

GM Professional Accountants Bookkeeping services are for all self-employed and business owners. All our Accountancy Services include Bookkeeping, so you do not need to think about the extra costs of having to outsource this work, as we keep all your books up to date. Small Business owners see this as a cost effective way of calculating their annual tax returns, as they have reduced the costs of having a bookkeeper and an accountant; GM Professional Accountants are two in one!

Bookkeeping services Barking

Bookkeeping charges for small businesses 

Our professional and experienced accountants have been processing multiple companies’ books for years, whilst preparing and submitting Self Assessment Tax Returns and small business accounts. Bookkeeping is never neglected by any of our accountants, because bookkeeping is the foundation to file your annual or quarterly tax returns. We have saved you – the business owner, the cost of having to pay outsourced bookkeepers to prepare and update your books for you. All you have to do is send us all the relevant information and paperwork and as soon as we are your registered accountants, our accountants will go ahead and start updating your books.

By letting GM Professional Accountants deal with your bookkeeping, which saves extra cost and time, it lets you focus on the growth of your business so you can increase your income as much as you can. GM Professional Accountants want business owners to be relaxed and take their mind off paper work. It also reduces the risks of your books being miscalculated or our accountants having to track other peoples work.


So what do our Bookkeepers do?

  • Update your books at all times
  • Reconcile your bank account with your bank statement
  • Go over your Trade Receivables
  • Go over your Trade Payables
  • Reconcile your customer and supplier accounts
  • Leave any outstanding or pending payments in and out

Our accountants will always contact you to find out about the missing information that we have no record of, so we can put them in the correct account and your tax bill is calculated correctly. This is one advantage of leaving the Bookkeeping up to the accountants, so we know what to do to reduce your tax bill. Outsourced Bookkeepers will only know how to process your books, so your work is being delivered by experienced Accountants who have been doing this for years.

The best part about letting accountants do the bookkeeping for you is that you can just post it or email it to us. We will just enquire about what we need and the work will be done.

Two points to consider: It reduces risks for any miscalculations and it is free with all packages.

Contact us now for more information about our Bookkeeping Services and book an appointment with us on:

Telephone: 0208 396 6128

Or email:

How to find accountants near me using reviews

Accountants near me reviews

If you need to hire an accountant near you, your best way to find an experienced, skilled and trustworthy professional is using online reviews on Google and Yell. While everyone is familiar with making a local search for on Google or searching for reviews, using Yell to find accountants might be something of a novelty for you.

Use business directory is an online service in the UK that lists local businesses. Searching on is a simple and quick way to find a local accounting professional. This business directory is divided on various categories. So, in order to filter your search category, you need to first search for “accountants”.

By entering what you are looking for, the business directory will retrieve listing results from the proper classification. Then, you can take your search one step further by making your search local. Yell will show local matches in the order of your proximity to your location. The business directory aims to always provide the most relevant local results. Check online ratings, testimonials and reviews
Accountants near me reviews
In order to select one of the local accounting firms or professionals for your payroll services or tax return, one of the first things to check is their rating among the former clients. Check feedback and reviews in order to evaluate their online reputation.

Read the online testimonials and reviews in detail. If the majority of the online reviews of an accountant or accounting firm are generally positive, this is a good indication that their clients are content with the exceptional services provided. On the other side, if the majority of online reviews are negative, this is a sign that the services provided by the accounting professional or the accounting firm to their clients are not adequate.

You should also read the testimonials from the past clients, apart from online reviews. The quality of the services provided is well reflected in these client testimonials. You can find testimonials on the website of the accounting professional or accounting firm.

You may even ask the accountant you consider hiring to provide a list of previous clients. Then, you can randomly call up some of these clients in order to request them information about the service quality of the accountant.

Getting referrals is another recommended method to ensure you’ll receive high quality accounting service. You can get these referrals from professional associations or from friends. When an accountant firm has been referred to you, they will feel a double obligation to do their job well.

You can trust GM professional accountants

One of the accounting firms with solid reputation is GM professional accountants. This local firm in the South East is providing a complete range of services that cater to small to medium sized limited companies, partnerships and self employed individuals. They offer a pro-active and prompt service that provides good value for your money.

GM professional accountants is practicing a fixed fee that depends on the size of your business. The fee is fixed for the first 2 years of providing you accounting service and agreed in advance. You can even arrange paying in monthly installments. Among the services provided are included accounting, book keeping, payrolls, tax planning and compliance, VAT returns, self assessment tax returns, forecasting and business planning.

Accountants open on Saturday

Businesses open on Saturdays

The need has come for Accountants to open on Saturdays. Opening of both private and public firms on normal days in the United Kingdom should run from Monday to Friday, depending on the country’s stipulations in the constitution of the United Kingdom. These are the basic principles for opening days of offices in the country and are required of all firms to suit fin the schedule in order to serve the public better. Any institution bestowed with the responsibility to serve the public be it accountants, the teachers and those in other private businesses should adhere to the common rules that govern us as a nation bound by common principles and way of life.

Accounting firms are bestowed with the responsibility to serve the nation in matters of book keeping, helping businesses in ensuring they do not overlook the tax return deadline on top of the many other responsibilities they are entrusted with. The accountants in the respective institutions work optimally into fulfilling the needs of the clients in the various offices of accounts to ensure that at the end of the day, the clients’ do not exceed the tax return deadline that has huge penalties on going past its threshold.Accountants open on saturdays

GM Professional Accountants

Welcome to GM Professional Accountants, where we serve customers in a much better way in consideration of many factors. At GM Professional , we have put it a guarantee to serve our customers six days a week without compromise for we treasure the individual needs of the clients’ in their respective positions. We ensure that the tax return deadline is not exceeded by our customers for we care about the huge and heavy penalties our bookkeeping departments would have to bear on behalf of the client. The clients’ subject to penalties because of exceeding the deadline for our deliberate failure to open on Saturday is one thing we avoid. We open on Saturday on a full time from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm for the many reasons that we thought would be an advantage to our esteemed customers.

GM Professional Accounts believe that most people are busy during the week days and only find time on Saturday to work on attending to their other offside duties like filing their tax returns. It is on Saturday, according to GM Professional accountants, that people have time to go attend on private issues for instance checking on the tax return deadline from their various accountants since during week days they barely leave their places of work for such activities.

The book keeping team at GM Professional Accountants have the pleasure of serving their customers right from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm all the six days of the week Saturday being the last for the week. Accountants at GM Professional are keen into taking into consideration the records of the customers for book keeping for disappointment from the clients is not part of their calling. Saturday in most cases is the day that most people turn up to file returns in order to avoid getting past the tax return deadline. GM Professional Accountants make up part of the firms that keep London City live and meaningful on Saturdays.

Accountants in Ilford Essex & London

GM Professional Accountants in Ilford Essex and London

Contact us now on  0208 396 6128 for a free consultation

  • GM Professional accountants are Specialist Small Business Accountants

  • We also specialise in Self Assessment Tax returns

  • We provide Fixed Fees for all our services

  • Awarded the Three best rated Accountants

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We are accountants based in Ilford Essex and Covent Garden in London. Our offices in Ilford and Covent Garden are walking distance from the train station and amidst the town centre and the administrative centre of London and Essex

Finding a local accountant can be stressful, as you may need many different types of services combined. We specialise in the following:

  • Small businesses Limited company services (Preparation and filing Accounts and CT600)
  • Contractor Accounting services
  • Company incorporation services
  • Self employed Accounts and Self Assessment Tax return services
  • Property income tax and capital gains tax
  • Payroll and pensions auto enrolment services
  • Vat returns and vat advice
  • Personal Self Assesment tax return services

We are based in Ilford Essex and London, we work with indiviuals and businesses and help you meet your deadlines and provide general tax advice on all our packages.

There are many accountancy companies in London, but it is hard to separate those that offer good services from those that provide poor services. However, we are proud to state that our accountancy firm is one of the Best rated among the companies in Redbridge.

What sets us apart from other accountants is our skills and commitment. We are famous for our ability to stay current in an ever-changing accounting and HM revenue and customs tax laws.  Our accountants shed light on areas where expenses arise and helps you stay obedient. Working with us will make sure that your self-assessment and tax returns are punctual, accurate and filed on time. Our firms offers great packages for small businesses and helps you with your company accounts and tax return.

Limited company Accounting

We assist you in filing your accounts and tax return (CT600) to companies house and HMRC. We provide the whole package from bookkeeping, trial balance and in to final accounts to ensure that you are compliant. This ensures the Accuracy of the information from each task and we review to see if  you are claiming the allowable expenses.

With our help, small business owners can take time away from their daily book keeping tasks and focus on other business related needs such as business development. Therefore, our services are designed to take care of your business like you would take care of it with full expertise and caution.

Understanding a Limited company formation is important, this is now separate legal entity. In a sole trader business, you are the business and you can use the money in the bank without any restrictions. In a company, this will be taken out as a directors loan, dividend, paye income, and bonuses. The rules and taxes can be complex on the directors loan account. It’s important to employ an accountant at an early stage to avoid pitfalls.

We have highlighted below some of the obligations of a director and some key differences between sole traders. You can visit our page limited company information for further information.

  • The company is a separate legal entity
  • The companies money is not the directors
  • There are filing duties for the director
  • Corporation tax and personal tax is payable

Payroll Services

GM professional Accountants help small businesses run weekly and monthly payroll. From calculating the payroll deduction, RTI submissions, issuing payslips and auto enrolment. We ensure that you comply with the legislation and keep you up to date with changes. We also cater from CIS deductions, whether you are a contractor or a subcontractor, we can claim the CIS suffered and calculate the amount due to HMRC with our payroll services. . You can outsource your payroll services to GM professional accountants , we have cost effective packages for small businesses.

We as experts are aware of all these facts and our services serve all needs of small companies. Our services in this area are accurate and cost effective. The benefits of our payroll services on small sized companies are related to the fact staff members need time to focus on their yield. Our services also save time and also saves the business from some payroll related costs. While providing clients with payroll services, we consider such things as price and ease of use.

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Bookkeeping Services

Our company also provides consultancy services to small businesses. Our advice is based on our many year of practice in the area of book keeping. You can visit our online platform or our offices in London where we can talk about many accountancy issues that are likely to affect your business. For those who conduct their own book keeping services, we advise them to keep their accounts in an orderly manner. We also advise them to file them at all times by separating them based on each Accounting Period.

This makes sure that you stay organised and compliant during your the monthly, quarterly and yearly deadlines. This also makes that your accounts are easy to read and follow. Also keep your bank statements and business related expenses, purchases and sales separate.

Failure to maintain your records, this will lead to fines. Accounts are very important to keep up to date, as this is the foundation for accounts. Accounts also help to define whether your business is doing well over the years.  A profit or loss for the year can be created to see how well your business is doing in your current year. If you are a Sole Trader or a Limited Company you will have to file Accounts annually. For VAT Registered businesses, Sole Trader or Limited Company, your VAT Returns must be done quarterly or annually.

This means you will have to stay organized and compliant at all times to help you make the year end process efficient. When the new digital tax scheme comes into place in the near future, all small business and self-employed persons will have to file and submit tax returns quarterly. You must also stay organised when you need to submit a Tax Rebate form. You will need to make sure you have your p45s and p60s for correct summations.

If you think you have been Taxed unfairly, you can check our Tax Refund page, which explains if you are legible for a Tax Refund. If you have still not received your p45 or p60 from your former bosses, contact them as soon as possible. They are most likely to have these forms as they have a legal obligation to keep records for 6 years. The best way to organise your Payslips, p45s and p60s are to create a filing system which can separate the financial years in monthly order. This way you will stay compliant.

Tax Services

Making some tax savings is the goal of most companies. To address these related challenges and to make some savings from the same, it is good to apply the guidance of financial experts like us. Our skilled accountants have the skills and the competence needed to make sure that you make some tax savings and that you seize any open chance. Our experts view planning as a chief process of the strategic tax planning process. We know that some calculated decisions cannot be made by one person. Therefore, we use our teams of skilled accountants when planning for your levies for good results.

Our experts are gifted with various skills at the local, national and global level meaning that you can trust us with your tax planning at ball these levels. Since we have served different clients’ needs, we have a lot of knowledge on many issues that may affect your business. We also know the issues that businesses at different levels face. We know that the tax issues of a small business might not be similar to those of a global corporation. Therefore, our company covers every situation that affects every business in a unique way.

Corporate Tax Services

Among the tax services provided are those provided to large companies. Our company makes sure that we manage your company even at its high performing capacity. We help business with goal setting, debt management and cash flow management. We also help them with income tax preparation and planning, planning of retirement benefits and stock option planning. We also deal with corporate gift planning and education finding planning. Our goal when providing this help to various businesses is to give them long term expert services and counselling on issues related to tax planning.

Summary As we finish, remember, our company wins by making winners from other businesses. We also have answers to your book keeping needs and we provide all book keeping help at cheap prices. Our able workers are interested in your business’ health. Many years of practice in book keeping methods helps our client in a special and pleasant manner. We understand that running a business is stressful and we want to take part of this stress form you. Our main aim at this moment is to come up with a mutual long term tie with all our customers. We will make this possible through our true and quality services.

Our services 

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Accountants for shopify

Accountants for shopify E-Commerce Sellers in London

It is highly crucial to make sure accountants are put under control by the bodies of accountancy such as CIMA-Chartered’ Institute of Management’ of Accountants, AAT, ACCA – Certified, ICAS – Institute’ of Chartered Accountants. All these great organizations boast of a high level of standards that ensure you’re able to get the best and high-quality practitioners.


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The GM Professional Accountants are mostly specialized in shopify E-commerce’ businesses, whereby the major businesses transact through Paypal, Amazon, and eBay. They have specialists who will guide you through the extraction of reports which are required for VAT and accounting deadlines.

The Appropriate Time For shopify E-Commerce Sellers To File Returns

There are various dates set by the authorities liable for taxation for filing of returns by the sole traders and the companies. As a sole trader, whether you’ve employees or operate your business on your own, you are expected to submit tax returns by 31st January every year. On the other hand, if you own a registered company that deals with shopify E-commerce products, you must file your returns at least 9 months’ post the period of accounting.

Claimable Allowable Expenses

-You must have records of various expenses which were incurred for all the sales that were made on the e- commerce’ business.

-For the accounting expenses, whether you engage services from a professional’ accountant or utilize the accounting software, you are entitled to claim for the preparation of tax’ expenses and reduction of tax filing.


-Costs of shipping and the taxes which are associated with your item

-Expenses incurred on office equipment – you are allowed to request for the expenses of your office and various services which include furniture, internet service, and computers and so on.

-The cost incurred on the manufacturing of tools, supplies and the materials.

-Deduction on the home office – you are allowed to claim for the deductions if you operate e-commerce

business’ form your office exclusively used for that purpose’.

-Damaged or Returned Items – You must record the beginning and endings of the stock in order to be able to claim their deductions.

-You must brace yourself for shopify E-Commerce fees, bank fees, Paypal fees, and the postage costs.

Various Types of Accounting’ Services that you Need as an E-Commerce Seller’.

The following includes the various services you will require in order to be an E-commerce Seller.

-Statement of confirmation -Bookkeeping
-Accounts for statutory company -The abbreviated accounts
-Statement of pension compliance -Returns of VAT on each quarter -Self-assessment’ directors’ tax return


Therefore, whether you require a very small amount of money or just sell one or two items’ from the e- commerce’ business, it is your responsibility to file the tax returns. This is the reason as to why it is important to engage’ services from accounting expert and professional tax in order to take care of various financial matters and accounting. Additionally, you are allowed to claim various deductions for preparation of account expenses. You don’t necessarily need to do the accounting on your own. This is the appropriate time you should be concentrating on the activities that will grow and promote your business. The requirements of your good business will determine the type of accounting’ services which are suitable for you.

Accountants Guide for Courier Drivers


Online shopping is one of the most developing segments in business. The development of online shopping has led to the creation of more jobs. One of the tasks that online shopping has created is courier freelancing.

How To Become A Freelance Courier

The first thing you need for you to work as a freelance courier is a van. You can use your van, or if you don’t have, you can hire. A freelancer courier can take jobs from courier companies like UPS or FedEx. Also, if you are capable, you can begin your own courier company.

Pros and Cons of The Two Courier Options.

– If you have to work under any other courier service as a freelancer, you will have no worry about how you will source for clients. However, your agreement with these companies will always tie you down.

– If you begin your own courier business, you will have the freedom to choose the clients you can work for, and you will put in a lot of efforts. Your inputs either hard work or finances would determine how many clients you will get.

How to Advertise Your Courier Services

Are you planning to begin your own courier services company? There are a few tips that may be helpful you can use to get clients. Some of the techniques are:

– Develop a website. Developing a professional website will help in boosting the credibility of your company. You can list your services on the website and also the prices for your services. Also, the site is a good point where you can communicate with your clients.

– Social networking. There are a lot of social media platforms with steady users which you can use to grow your business. You can run adverts on these platforms where you can target individuals looking for freelance courier services. You can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter to create your market base.

– Business cards. A freelancer can design and printout business cards. The cards should show your services, names and also contact details. You can then give the cards to your friends, family members, and even potential clients.

– Create adverts. Not everyone uses social media. You can use local advertising as your medium of communication. Adverts are cheaper and quickly meet your target audience.

How To Become Better in Your Courier Services

If you begin your own courier company, the better you are at your job, the chances of getting more clients are higher. Some of the skills that some of the best couriers have are:

– Stick to deadlines. Once customers purchase or request for goods, they usually need them in a short time. Due to the loads of packages you have to deliver, it would be wise to create a plan which will allow you to

stick to their schedules.

– Have adequate knowledge of the streets. In case your navigation system breaks down during your deliveries, you need to have sufficient experience of every street. It will help you to keep time even without a nav system.

– Stay fit. Since you will be spending a lot of time sitting in your van, you need to be healthy. Also, you will need to be fit for you to load and off-load your van.

– Be a good driver. This is one of the essential requirements that you need. You should have a valid driving license and also stick to the Highway Rules.

Accounting as a Courier.

There are a lot of benefits that you will enjoy in being a freelance courier. However, as a freelancer, there is one major challenge which is accounting. If you are employed, your tax is taken care of in the PAYE form. As a freelancer, You have to prepare your financial records and pay for the Self-assessment tax return. It’s done annually, and it may be challenging for you. It can distract you from your busy delivery schedules.

Getting Accountancy and Tax Advice.

You can contact GM :Professional accountants to prepare your the financial records at the end of the year. We specialise in this sector and provide bookkeeping, tax return services and company accounting services.  For the courier agency to operate smoothly, we will provide general tax advice on accounting and tax returns. It will be perfect if you keep your records up to date each month as this will allow you to make an informed decision.

Accountants for Entrepreneurs

Accountants for Entrepreneurs

Whether you are an adventurous, dynamic, or driven entrepreneur, you need an accountant that will offer proactive, sound and wealth building advice.

Our professional and expert team of entrepreneurial accountants know all about business. They are not only accountants, but also business owners that work with family business owners, SMEs, and other entrepreneurs in their daily work. They provide actionable, proactive and partner-led advice that will add value to your business.

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As such, we at GM provide a bespoke service that is tailored for entrepreneurs operating in all industry sectors. Regardless of the size of your business, we are here to help. Businesses we have worked with range from small medium size businesses, negotiating acquisitions or mergers, established companies looking for investment partners, and new business start-ups with little capital. Our entrepreneur accounting specialists have the experience, training, and ideas to help you through it all.


GM’s tax and accounting services to entrepreneurs

1. Business advisory service

Our specialist entrepreneur accountants are well-informed about your type of business’s financial affairs, your current tax situations, and your business environment. Working with you, they will come up with a feasible financial and business plan. These will form part of a financial overview that will guide the business moving forward. The team will provide practical advice on aspects of registering for VAT, investment, seeking finance, tax-free protection insurance, setting up a bank account and eventual exit or sale of the business.

2. Record-keeping and accounting

Record keeping and accounting are tedious tasks that take away from the time you should be using to build and develop your business. Our business support services department has worked with many entrepreneurs to set up accounting and bookkeeping systems so that you can finally work on your business rather than in it. With our systems and the training we provide, you will finally be able to track your profitability and cash flow at any point in time.

3. Advice on Taxes

As an entrepreneur, you will need your tax accountant to offer you advice on tax planning and tax compliance. Advice on compliance ensures that you are operating with the laws and regulations of the tax regime, while advice on tax planning ensure that you pay the least amount of taxes possible within the legal framework.

Accountants near Canarywharf

Accountants near Canary Wharf

  • Fixed Fees Agreed in advance 

  • Specialist in small businesses & self assessment tax returns

  • Awared the Three Best Rated Accountants

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We are an accounting company near Canary Wharf , Our office are located in Ilford and Covent Garden in Greater London, both are a short distance from the station.

While there are many accounting firms in Canary Wharf, finding one that can take care of all your accounting needs can be quite tough. This is why GM Professional Accountants have experts who have specialized in:

1) Incorporation services for your company
2) Filing returns for personal self-assessment purposes
3) Providing advice on aspects of VAT including VAT filing
4) Filing and preparation of capital gains and property income returns
5) Accounting for contractors
6) Self-assessment and self-employed account preparation and filing
7) Auto-enrolment into payroll and pensions

Our offices near Canary Wharf in London offer general tax advice to assist businesses and individuals meet their tax obligations and be compliant.We are experts in the field of accounting and tax because of our dedication and expertise in our specializations. We are known in London for being a firm that is always up to date with ever-changing HM revenue, account and custom tax regulations. Our professional accountants are always ready to show you where expenses may arise and advice you on how to be compliant.

Accounting for your Limited Company

Our services for limited companies include preparation of CT600 accounts and filing of returns for compliance with HMRC and companies house regulations. The package does include everything from bookkeeping, preparation of trial balances, and finally the filing of final accounts to ensure that you are compliant. By working with you throughout the entire process we can ensure the accuracy of all information including allowable expenses that you could claim.

We have helped numerous small businesses by taking away their burden of having to engage in tedious bookkeeping and instead work on more important tasks such as business development. With GM Professional Accountants working with your business, you can be certain that your accounts are in the hands of experts who exercise due caution coupled with expertise just like you would.

Tax Returns for Self-Assessment

We do not believe that you should have to be stressed out or have to pay expensive fees when doing your self-assessment tax returns. GM Professional Accountants’ office near Canary Wharf make the process more efficient and cost-effective by handling it for you in a hassle-free process.

Making your Online Self-Assessment Returns

We have expert accountants who have worked for years in tax returns. We will provide you with the advice you need and answer all your queries on all matters tax with no obligation. Our East London office provides these services as part of the tax returns package.

Filing Returns for Property Income

Our services include tax returns and accounting services for property and rental income. With new regulations that abolished wear and tear allowance coupled with new restrictions on mortgage interest, things just got more complicated. It is now more important than ever to carefully review the renewals methods to make sure that you are claiming the right amount.

Accounting Services for Contractors

We have customized packages for contractors whether you file your returns under IR35 or outside of it. We offer help so that you can issue dividend vouchers or your monthly filing of your RTIs. Contractors now have to deal with new limited cost trader regulations while having to contend with a less attractive FRS VAT scheme. By working with us we will make sure that you can make the most of input VAT through legal means.

Tax on Capital Gains

We are capital gain tax specialists and have helped a lot of people near Canary Wharf and the surrounding suburbs reduce their capital gains tax by claiming Letting relief and the PPR. We always advise that you plan well in advance and get the advice you need very early. Many people that do not plan get an inflated bill because of not understanding how CGT works.

R & D Tax Credits

We specialise in R&D tax credits, UK businesses are given incentives from the government for investing in innovation. This either can reduce the corporation tax or can be claimed as a refund.

Small and medium-sized businesses, (SME) R&D are eligible for the following:

  • SME’s can deduct an additonal 130% of their qualifying Research and development expenditure as tax adjustment, with the normal 100% deduction, this accumulates to 230% .
  • A rate of 14.5% can be claimed as a loss making company

Freelancer accounting services

We provide freelancer accounting services to both Sole traders and Limited companies. We assist you in claiming the allowable expenses. We assist you in your bookkeeping , issuing dividend vouchers , Statutory accounts and Self Assessment preparation and filing. We have tailored packages to meet your legal and financial needs.

Accountants near Enfield 

Accountants near Enfield

If you have been on the search for an accounting firm near Enfield, there is no one better than GM Professional Accountants. We are conveniently located in Ilford Essex and Covent Garden, both a few hundred meters away from the train Station.

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It is not easy to find accountants near Enfield who can take care of all your accounting needs. This is where we come in as we provide the following specialist services:

1) Your capital gains and property income returns
2) Accounting services for contractors
3) Professional VAT advice and VAT filing
4) Filing of Self-assessment and personal returns
5) Preparation of accounts and returns, including all CT600 which are needed for limited company and small businesses

6) Enrolling you for pensions and payroll
7) Incorporation services for your company
From our offices near Enfield, we serve businesses and private individuals who need advice on tax, and how they can be compliant with tax regulations including meeting their deadlines.

We are known for being always up to speed on all the changes in HM revenue, the ever-changing accounting regulations, and the customs tax regulations in the UK. We have professional accountants who will get you on compliance and will help guide you on where expenses are likely to arise so that you can reduce your tax burden. Working with us, you can rest assured that we will always ensure on-time filing of self-assessment returns that is always accurate and punctual. Our firm has the best accounting packages for small businesses and we will help you prepare all your accounts and file them on time.

Limited Company Accounting

If you have a limited company we provide HMRC and companies filing and preparation of the CT600 tax returns. We do provide comprehensive packages that include bookkeeping, preparation of trial balances, and the final accounting, to ensure that you are in conformity with all regulations. We will also review all the accounting information to ensure that you can claim any allowable expenses.

With our assistance, you can let go of all the tedious accounting and bookkeeping tasks that you have had to do and instead work on more productive aspects of running and developing your business. Therefore, our services are customized to ensure that your business gets the care and attention of experienced experts in our company.

A limited company is a complex business entity and you need to understand important aspects about it including the fact that it is a legal entity. While the lines between the business and owner are very much blurred in a sole proprietorship, this is different from a limited company. While you could take out money from the business account as a sole trader, you cannot do the same with a limited company. All withdrawals from a company are only in the form of PAYE income. dividends, bonuses, or directors loans. With all the complications, it is important to engage an accountant before you even set up, to avoid any missteps.

Self-Assessment Tax Filings

Self assessment and the filing of returns tend to be a stressful and expensive affair though it need not be so. GM Professional accountants guarantee the efficiency at cost effective prices from our offices near Enfield, so that you do not have to stress out about your tax affairs.

Filing Your Online Returns for Self-Assessment

Working with us you can be certain that your filings are in the hands of tax professionals. We will consult with you on your returns and answer any queries about tax filing that you may have. Moreover, you will not have to enter into any extraneous contracts before we do this. Our office in East London offers this free of charge as a component of our tax filing and returns package.

Our expert tax accountants will prepare your filings correctly and in a timely manner so that you can be compliant at all times. They are professionals that will review all your filings to find any claimable expenses and help you maximize your allowances.

If you are running a commercial enterprise either as a self-employed person or as the director of a corporation, you are required by law to fill out and file self-assessment returns. Simple and accurate tax advice and planning are what you need to make your filings relatively pain free.

Capital gains tax

GM professional accountants provide expert advice on capital gains tax, you may be selling a home or have just sold some shares. we help you understand the implications and provide tax planning solutions for your needs. The capital gains tax allowance is renewed each year as your personal allowance. Its important to plan out disposals to maximise on the allowances.

Contractor accounting services

GM profesional accountants are specialist contractor accountants, we ensure that you are aware of the allowable expenses under the 24 month rule. We guide you on the vat schemes , as the rules have changed and the flat rate vat scheme has now become less attractive. We provide monthly packages for limited company contractors, this usually includes payroll, statutory accounts, CT600 filing, and the personal self assessment tax return.

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