About Us

GM Professional Accountants

About Our Firm

Founded in 2012 by Sharaz, a visionary with a profound understanding of the dynamic business landscape of London, GM Professional Accountants emerged as a beacon of innovation and technological advancement. At the heart of our foundation is a commitment to not just serve but empower individuals and businesses. Our ethos is shaped by the belief that through innovative practices and cutting-edge technology, we can guide our clients towards achieving their most ambitious goals.

Our mission at GM Professional Accountants transcends conventional accounting; it’s about adapting, evolving, and leading through the latest practices in the field. We recognize the pivotal role of decision-making and data reporting in identifying challenges and crafting strategies to surmount them. We understand that behind every business lies a vision – whether it’s enhancing lifestyle, fostering independence, or achieving early retirement. Our role is to align with this vision, offering bespoke guidance and support to realize these aspirations.

To ensure the utmost quality and provide exclusive service, we consciously limit the number of clients we engage with. This selective approach enables us to devote our full attention and resources, ensuring each client receives a service that’s not just professional, but personal and profound.

Our Experience

When your company faces an accounting challenge, the choice of an accounting firm should not be taken lightly. At GM Professional Accountants, we bring an unparalleled depth of real-world experience to the table. Our team is a carefully curated ensemble of accountants whose expertise is not just theoretical but honed through diverse, focused, and real-world experiences. Furthermore, our commitment to staying abreast of the latest technological and regulatory developments ensures that your business is never caught off guard.

Our Achievements

  • Garnered over 100 ‘5-star’ client satisfaction reviews, reflecting our commitment to delivering high-quality, valued services.
  • Our team comprises seasoned professionals with over a decade of experience in navigating HMRC regulations and requirements.
  • A steadfast dedication to client service, characterized by quick, reliable, and efficient responses, all tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.
  • Proud recipients of the “SME Award 2022,” a testament to our excellence in service and commitment to client success.

Our Promise

At GM Professional Accountants, we are more than just accountants; we are partners in your journey towards growth and success. We understand that your vision for growth is unique, and we are dedicated to aligning our services with your aspirations. Let us be the architects of your financial strategy, building a foundation for a future that is as prosperous as it is promising.