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Finding a local accountant in Barking and Dagenham

Finding a local accountant near Barking and Dagenham should be difficult. Our Accountancy Firm near Barking and Dagenham in Essex help you prepare and complete your Self Assessment Tax Returns or Corporate Company accounts in a fast and accurate manner. Our fees are affordable, provide a hassle free service and our professional accountants shed light in areas to help you maximize on your expenses.

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We help you through the whole process and guide you through tax implications, this helps you stay compliant. We specialise in tax returns for individuals, sole traders and limited companies, we process small business accounts from Bookkeeping until the submission of their Self Assessment Tax Returns. We will deal with your Company Accounts, Personal Income Tax Return, Self Assessment Tax Returns or VAT Return and Tax Refunds, we help you prepare, complete and submit your company accounts in a fast accurate manner. We provide great packages for individuals who are Contractors, Tutors, Taxi Drivers and need an accountant to help finalise their year end accounts.

Our Accounting Services:

  • Company Accounts
  • Self Assessment
  • Business Tax returns
  • Personal Tax returns
  • Bookkeeping
  • VAT Returns
  • Payroll
  • Tax planning
  • Corporation Tax return
  • Capital Gains Tax return

A number of our clients have recommended us to their friends and family, as they are satisfied by the work we produce. Get yourself an accountant who you are comfortable with and contact GM Professional Accountants today so we can discuss any queries you have or to book an Appointment. We have many years of experience in a wide range of fields in Accountancy and Tax, which will help you concentrate on generating more income for yourself and your business.

GM Professional Accountants have many clients in Barking. Many different sectors are covered for Barking and Dagenham. You may look at our Sector based page for all of the areas of business we cover. There are differences between Sole Trader, Partnerships and Limited Companies, one of them may apply to you, that is if you are looking to register as self-employed or start up your business with us. Professional Accountants can explain to you what legal entity is best for your business, as we analyse the risks of your business before making any decisions.

Stay Organised with your Accounts

Your Accounts are filed Annually and it is important that your Bookkeeping is all up to date. Creating an organised filing system will make your business more efficient because your accounts will be easier to follow and process for the Year End. Organise your Accounts in month order and separate each Accounts between your Accounting Periods and hold them for six years. You should also do this with Payroll, as some individuals may be allowed a Tax Refund at the end of the Financial Year if you feel you have been Taxed unfairly during a Financial Year. Have a look at our page on Tax Refunds to see if you are within the criteria. We are Specialist Tax Refund Accountants in London to help with your queries. All your Tax Affairs are dealt with our experienced Accountant who has been the field for more than 10 years.

For more information about our Accounting and Tax Services near Barking and Dagenham, contact GM Professional Accountants today on 0208 396 6128 or email us at: