Accountants in Canarywharf

Accountants in Canary Wharf

  • Our vision and our customer reviews show that we provide:

    • Over one hundred ‘5 star’ “client satisfaction reviews”
    • 10 years of experience with HMRC with a client service guarantee
    • Business excellence award winners for 2023 for “Most Client-Focused Business Tax & Accounting firm”

    We go one step further for our clients.

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We are an accounting company in Canary Wharf. Our office is located in Canary Wharf in Greater London, a short distance from the station.

While there are many accounting firms in Canary Wharf, finding one that can take care of all your accounting needs can be quite tough.

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This is why GM Professional Accountants have experts who have specialised in:

  • Incorporation services for your company
  • Limited company accounts preparation and filing
  • Filing returns for personal self-assessment
  • Providing advice on aspects of VAT including VAT filing
  • Filing and preparation of capital gains and property income returns
  • Self-assessment and self-employed account preparation and filing
  • Auto-enrolment pensions
  • Payroll services 

Our offices near Canary Wharf in London offer general tax advice to assist businesses and individuals in their tax obligations to stay compliant.

We are experts in the field of accounting and tax because of our dedication and expertise.

We are known in London for being a firm that is always up to date with ever-changing HM revenue.

Our professional accountants are always ready to show you where expenses may be claimed and advise you on how to stay compliant.

Accountants for your Limited Company

Our services for limited companies include preparation of CT600, accounts and filing returns to HMRC and companies house.

Our packages include everything from bookkeeping, preparation of trial balances, and the filing of final accounts. By working with you throughout the entire process we can ensure the accuracy of all information including allowable expenses that you will be eligible to claim.

We have helped numerous small businesses by taking away their burden of having to engage in tedious bookkeeping and instead work on more important tasks such as business development.

With GM Professional Accountants working with your business, you can be certain that your accounts are in the hands of experts who exercise due caution.

Tax Returns for Self-Assessment

We do not believe that you should have to be stressed out or have to pay expensive fees when doing your self-assessment tax returns.

GM Professional Accountants’ office near Canary Wharf make the process more efficient and cost-effective by handling it for you in a hassle-free process.

Making your Online Self-Assessment Returns

We have expert accountants who have worked for years in tax returns. We will provide you with the advice you need and answer all your queries on all tax matters with no obligation.

Our London office provides these services as part of the tax return package.

Filing Returns for Property Income

Our services include tax returns and accounting services for property and rental income. With new regulations that abolished wear and tear allowance coupled with new restrictions on mortgage interest, things just got more complicated.

It is now more important than ever to carefully review the renewals methods to make sure that you are claiming the right amount.

Accounting Services for Contractors

We have customized packages for contractors whether you file your returns under IR35 or outside of it. We offer help so that you can issue dividend vouchers or your monthly filing of your RTIs.

Contractors now have to deal with new limited cost trader regulations while having to contend with a less attractive FRS VAT scheme. By working with us we will make sure that you can make the most of input VAT through legal means.

Tax on Capital Gains

We are capital gain tax specialists and have helped a lot of people near Canary Wharf and the surrounding suburbs reduce their capital gains tax by claiming Letting relief and the PPR. We always advise that you plan well in advance and get the advice you need very early. Many people that do not plan get an inflated bill because of not understanding how CGT works.

R & D Tax Credits

We specialise in R&D tax credits, UK businesses are given incentives from the government for investing in innovation. This either can reduce the corporation tax or can be claimed as a refund.

Small and medium-sized businesses, (SME) R&D are eligible for the following:

  • SME’s can deduct an additonal 130% of their qualifying Research and development expenditure as tax adjustment, with the normal 100% deduction, this accumulates to 230% .
  • A rate of 14.5% can be claimed as a loss making company

Freelancer accounting services

We provide freelancer accounting services to both Sole traders and Limited companies. We assist you in claiming the allowable expenses. We assist you in your bookkeeping , issuing dividend vouchers , Statutory accounts and Self Assessment preparation and filing. We have tailored packages to meet your legal and financial needs.

Construction business Accounting 

At GM Professional Accountants, we extend our services to cater specifically to the unique needs of construction businesses. Our accountants are well-versed in the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and understand the intricacies of tax obligations and deductions relevant to construction contractors and businesses.

CIS Compliance and Support

We ensure your business is fully compliant with CIS regulations, assisting in the verification of contractors, handling deductions, and managing CIS returns. This involves understanding the specific tax treatments and deductions applicable to construction work, ensuring you benefit from any eligible tax reliefs.

Managing Construction Project Accounts

Our team has expertise in managing accounts for construction projects. We provide guidance on budgeting, monitoring project expenditures, and offering financial reporting tailored to the construction sector. This includes handling invoices, job costing, and preparing financial statements that reflect the true financial position of your construction projects.

Tax Planning for Construction Firms

Tax planning is crucial in the construction sector, given the significant investments and expenditures involved. We assist in strategizing your tax liabilities, ensuring you utilize all available tax-saving opportunities, and align your financial goals with tax efficiency.

Dedicated Support for Construction Business Growth

We understand the challenges faced by construction businesses in managing finances. Our dedicated support extends beyond just accounting – we provide insights and advice to help your construction business grow and thrive in a competitive market.

Expertise in Property Taxation

We navigate the complex landscape of property taxation, providing expert advice on matters like stamp duty, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax in relation to property. Our team stays abreast of the latest tax regulations and changes affecting the property sector, ensuring that our clients are always one step ahead.

Rental Income Management and Compliance

For landlords and property investors, we offer comprehensive services in managing rental income. This includes accurate calculation of taxable income, understanding allowable expenses, and ensuring compliance with all HMRC requirements. We also assist in navigating the tax implications of buy-to-let properties and rental portfolios.

Support for Property Developers

Property developers can benefit from our tailored services in project accounting, VAT planning, and capital gains strategies. We understand the specific financial challenges faced in property development and provide strategic guidance to optimize profitability and tax efficiency.

Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Planning

We specialize in advising on capital gains tax strategies for property sales and provide guidance on inheritance tax planning involving property assets. Our proactive approach ensures that you maximize tax reliefs and exemptions available to you.

By leveraging our property accounting expertise, clients near Canary Wharf and throughout the UK can make informed decisions, optimize their tax positions, and ensure compliance, all while focusing on their core activities in the property sector. With GM Professional Accountants, your property finances are in expert hands.


Canary Wharf London Office:  South Quay Building 189 Marsh Wall London E14 9SH 020 3951 067

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