Accountants near Hackney Shoreditch

Accountants near Hackney Shoreditch

We are Shoreditch based accountants with offices in Covent garden. district, a walking distance from the train station. Trying to get an accountant in Shoreditch that can provide a range of services can be difficult. This is why
our firm has specialist professionals who have the experience and skills in the following:

1) Services to do with contractor accounting
2) Self-assessment and self-employment returns and preparation of accounts for tax purposes
3) Pensions and payroll auto registration services
4) Returns for personal self assessment purposes
5) Filing and preparation of CT600 accounts for small and limited companies
6) Incorporation of company services including document preparation and filing
7) Capital gains and property income tax filing
8) VAT advise and filing


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From our offices, we assist corporations and individuals by providing general tax advice and filing your tax returns, depending on which package you have subscribed to. What makes us so different from other accounting firms is that we are committed to our clients and bring exceptional skills, experiences, and training. We are known as an agile accounting firm that is always ahead of the curve when it comes to keeping up with changing custom tax, HM revenue, and accounting laws and regulations. Our accountants will inform you of where you are likely to have tax obligations so that you can remain compliant with the tax regulations in your jurisdiction.

Accounting for Limited Companies

We provide HMRC and companies house filing services that include tax returns and preparation of accounts. Our packages include trial balance, bookkeeping, and final account preparation to ensure compliance. This ensures that all your accounts and filings are as accurate as they can be, as we go through each task with a fine tooth comb to determine if you are eligible for any expense relief.

We strive to help individuals and small businesses focus more on developing their businesses, by taking care of their tedious accounting and bookkeeping tasks. As such, we exercise care and caution while bringing our experience to bear in taking care of your business.

Tax Returns for Self Assessment

We file and prepare your self assessment returns so that you do not have to go through the hassle or pay expensive prices to get someone to do it for you. GM professional Accountants in London guarantee efficiency and cost-effective prices for all your accounting needs. Our hassle-free and affordable price make us the best choice for all your accounting needs in Shoreditch.

Online Filing of Self Assessment Returns

You can rest assured that your filings are in great hands as we have professional accountants who provide advice and answer any questions you may have. We provide this as part of the self assessment package in

Income tax for Rental Property

We provide tax and accounting services for persons with rental income from rental property. Since new regulations abolished wear and tear exemptions and restricted interest on mortgages, things have become more complicated. If you are filing your returns you now need to be more careful and make sure that the amount you claim is correct for the renewals method applicable.

Accounting for Contractors

We have special customized packages for Shoreditch contractors whether you file as IR35 or not. We provide accounting services for issuing dividend vouchers or for filing monthly RTI returns. Given that cost
trader rules are becoming more restrictive, we can help you get more from input VAT through legal means since the FRS VAT scheme is no longer as attractive.

Returns and Accounting for Capital Gains

Capital gains returns and filing is our specialty and we have been working with many persons who have successfully reduced their capital gains tax and claimed letting relief. We always recommend that you make plans in advance so that we can offer appropriate advice from the very beginning. It is very easy to misunderstand CGT, which if approached without the necessary caution can result in a very huge tax bill

R & D Tax Credits

GM professional accountants specialise in R&D tax relief, HM revenue and customs have given incentives to businesses that are investing in innovation.

Small and medium-sized enterprises, (SME) R&D are applicable for the following:

  • SME’s can claim 130% of their  Research and development expenditure in the CT600 form, plus the normal 100% expenditure, this totals 230% .
  • 14.5% rate can be claimed for a loss making company

Freelancer accounting services

Our firm specialises in accounting services for freelancers, whether your a sole trader or a limited company, we have experts that assist you in preparing and finalising your accounts and tax returns. We help you in your bookkeeping, Company accounts, and tax return preparation and filing. We have monthly packages that are tailored to suit your needs.