Accountants Guide for Amazon Drivers


The demand for self-employed drivers to register for Amazon Flex Scheme is increasing every day.

It is so because membership to Amazon Prime has already touched eight million in the United Kingdom. Nowadays, online shopping has become easier than before.

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Self-employed drivers owning a vehicle and mobile phone can sign up for the Amazon Flex scheme.


It is quite similar to the Uber service. In Amazon Flex Scheme, the app notifies the drivers about different Amazon packages that can be delivered. The drivers can choose a job package from the site as per the availability.


In this context, the meaning of self-employment is that you are not working for anybody else, and you are your boss yourself. You working for yourself is the essence of self-employment. It also implies the following:

1. Amazon is not in any way responsible or obligated to provide you any work; instead, you have to find work for yourself.

2. You can also choose to decide when to accept or reject a job online.

3. You will have to be the owner of a transport method, a smartphone, and related equipment.

4. If you are on leave or are sick, you will not get any sickness-pay or salary for holidays. You will have to manage yourself as you will not get any earning during such leaves.

5. You should have the necessary qualifications to work as a driver.

6. You will be required to take insurance for your vehicle and yourself.

7. You will have to take care of tax implications if you sign up for such self-employment. You also need to file tax returns with HMRC.

8. You can work for a full-time job while operating as a self-employed driver on Amazon as a side job.

It implies that it does not restrict you to just this self-employment, and you can perform this side job along with your current full-time job.

You can quickly register for self-employment by applying on HMRC.

You only need to register once in this manner if your annual income is more than 1000 pounds in a tax year from 6 April to 5 April.

Remember that it is an income threshold and not a profit limit. Once you cross this annual threshold, you need to register by 5 October following the end of the tax year in which you crossed the threshold.

You need to register with HMRC and file the tax return by the deadline of 5 October, even if you do not make much income from the Amazon flex scheme.

You need to follow this procedure if your overall income, including flex income, has crossed a minimum of one thousand pounds in the period as mentioned above.

It may sound like an onerous obligation to complete, but filing the tax return will help you record all your expenses to qualify for a tax loss.

You can set off that loss against any of your future incomes, and hence you will be able to save tax at that point.