Accountants for Amazon sellers UK

Accountants for Amazon VAT business UK

Amazon is a competitive, fast-paced & high-tech company. It has helped individual and companies increased their sales and reach new customers.

With all the benefits of selling on Amazon, a huge chunk of the total sales come from a third-party selection. If you’re a sole seller or an Amazon FBA seller in the UK, recruiting a good qualified and experienced accountant is an investment worth making.

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What type of accountancy services will amazon sellers need?

One of the key responsibilities of an accountant for Amazon sellers is bookkeeping.This is the foundation of any business, the date range reports can be useful to keep an eye on the accuracy. Bookkeeping should not be one of the things that you have to worry about. It is important to recruit an accountant, this will help you focus on your business strategy.

Limited companies services:

Self-Assessment Tax Return
Bookkeeping – Quarterly
Annual Accounts (HMRC & Companies House) preparation and filing
Filing of Corporation Tax Return
Confirmation Statement filing
Payroll inc RTI
VAT Returns quarterly

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What are the Expenses that you can claim to reduce your tax bill?


Purchase of goods

Postage and carriage

Subscription fees

Residence as office

Accountancy fees

Marketing Fees

Directors Salaries

An accountant will help your business to achieve stability. They will ensure the records compiled are accurate and complete. This will enable you to take care of your business.

They will provide guidance on distance selling thresholds, and most importantly the place of supply of goods for vat purposes. This is a specialist area and you will need to vat register if your goods are located in an EU country.  

To register for Vat, there is 85K rolling monthly threshold for UK limited companies. This does not apply to overseas sellers (Stock UK warehouse.) They will need to register for vat immediately and the threshold does not apply to them.

We will assist you in your tax planning, This can save you money and help you retain reserves.

If you are an employer and have employees in your company, payrolls & the law pertaining to payrolls is one of the key concern of your accountant.

Payroll is a vital process where the accountant will assist you in making decisions. Payroll is ran weekly and monthly. This can be used to make informed decisions depending on the sector of your business.

What are the filing dates for Amazon sellers?

An accountant can help you streamline data in order for you to make a informed decision. With timely information from an accountant, a seller can make knowledgeable management decisions.

For example: What are the filing dates for Amazon sellers? The answer being, 31st January 2021 for sole traders and 9 Months after the accounting period ends for companies. 

Recruiting an accountant will mean saving taxes, managing risks, avoiding tax investigations and creating more wealth for your business.

As your business expands, the needs of your business will change and you will need to keep up with changing times.

Your accountant will brief you on the trends, laws and will suggest routes to keep your business running.

Knowing that your accountant is experienced will help you focus more on your business which will, in turn, increase productivity.

Hiring an accountant will help you focus on your reporting goals.

VAT Return Services:

Accountants provide guidance on import VAT and the implications of selling from the UK to overseas markets. This includes navigating distance selling and determining the place of supply of goods for VAT purposes, particularly for businesses selling into the EU.

UK limited companies must register for VAT if their turnover exceeds the £90,000 rolling monthly threshold. For overseas sellers using UK warehouses, VAT registration is required immediately, with no threshold applicable.

What do HMRC Expect?

If you are randomly selected for a VAT or Corporation tax investigation, HMRC will request for the records, they will review the ledgers to check that you have been claiming the correct amount of VAT.

It is important that you are not using improper practices to reduce your Vat bill. For Corporation tax, they will check to see if the income has been fully declared and the expenses are wholly and exclusively for business purpose. 

Choosing an online accountant?

Choosing the right accountant to handle your financial matters is crucial. Look out for a Licensed accountant with a formal education in finance. A licensed practitioner has passed strict controls set by the government institutions.

Assuring that your accountant has a Licenses for public practice is a way of testing the calibre of the professional.

It is important to be aware that Licensed accountants have a range of skills and specializations. Depending on your business model, it is worth investing your time in recruiting an accountant who specializes in that particular field. GM Professional accountants have a license for public practice and awarded the three best rated accountants.

Choosing The Right Accountant with affordable fees

London being the world’s top financial center, finding an accountant should not be a task. If you are looking for a specialised accountant this will require some digging. Some of the factors you will need to consider are location, expertise and associations.

Hiring an accountant who has expertise in your field of business will prove to be more efficient. Make sure that your accountant handles every aspect of accounting with great care. Overlooking an aspect of accounting can lead to miscalculations.

Here at Gm professional accountants we are committed through our tax planning solutions to save you money. Our packages start from £70 plus vat per month for start-ups. 

Do I need an accountant for Amazon FBA?

An Accountant will help keep up to date with accounting and tax legislation, you will get advice on tax planning, this is why it is important to contact an accountant when the process begins. There are various pitfall such as an overdrawn directors loan account, allowable expenses and benefit in kind.

For the latest Amazon Brexit changes.  Our amazon brexit page goes into detail on how to prepare. 

GM Professional accountants have office located in London, Ilford, Manchester and Essex. We are partnered with Xero to provide accounting software for Ecommerce businesses. 

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