Accountants for Makeup artists

Accountants for Makeup artists

We boast of great skills when it comes to accounting for the Freelance’ Make-Up Artist. Having years of experience in our operations, we have been able to handle the most complicated cases of accounting. This has, therefore, built our confidence in providing Make-Up Artists’, which is a service that is both accurate and specialized. Having been self-employed, Make – Up’ artist has become much competitive and at the same time more time-consuming. The focus and high demand to ensure it remains updated all through make it a bit difficult to remain at the top of different financial obligations. GM’ Professional Accountants’ are specialized in offering stress-free tax services which gives the Make-Up Artists Experts’ a great opportunity to put much focus on their daily activities in tandem with tax’ obligations.

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Deductions and Expenses allowable for Make-Up’ Artists

The first things we consider while working on your accounts is to make sure you are able to claim all the expenses that belong to you like the make-up artist. Make-up artist’ comes with several tax deductions which are highly unique to other industries. Therefore, here is a list of the expenses entitled to you like the make-up’ artist.

Using Home As The Office

Being a make-up artist, it is not just normal to deal with clients who hail from your area or other activities related to work. Home use is an expense that can be claimed, and it is inaccurately’ claimed. You are allowed
to request a percentage’ of household bills to use in your home. This includes expenses on the bills that are spent on rent/mortgage, heating, electricity, and Wi-Fi.


Clothing is a basic expense which is highly useful towards claiming the tax return. A make-up’ artist are likely to spend income on clothing that is related to work (not normal day to day clothing), be it clothing’s to be worn during meetings or comfortable shoes which will enable you to remain comfortable for a whole day while operating behind the scenes. Clothing is, therefore, a normal expense that should not be claimed.  It is highly important to understand the entitlements whenever you’re requesting this expense. Most of the make-up artist’ are subjected to penalties as a result of over-claiming.

Exclusively and Wholly

Taxes which are legally claimed should be exclusive and whole for work purposes. Nonetheless, the view HRMC’ make-up artists is a ‘grey’ area. Most of the make-up artist expenses form part-work and the part
personal that will require apportionment.

Purchase of materials

Any expense incurred for the business will be allowable, but if you have material remaining at the yearend then this may need adding back to you profits.

Travel and Subsistence

Travelling and subsistence only becomes allowable if you go outside your normal working pattern and then reasonable expenses can be claimed.

Generally, with most of the creative professionals, everything that is carried out by the make-up artist is highly related to their operations. You must clearly understand all the operations of the world theatre and the
television. You must also get subscribed to the magazines, networks events, and be able to attend social’ gatherings, not forgetting the make-up shows. With everything to do with tax, the actors are required to tread
with great care especially when filling the tax’ returns.

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