Accountants for shopify businesses

Accountants for shopify E-Commerce Sellers

Accountants for Shopify sellers is a specialist area, the place of supply of goods is an important factor in determining the vat status,

It is highly crucial to make sure accountants are put under control by the bodies of accountancy such as CIMA-Chartered’ Institute of Management’ of Accountants, AAT, ACCA – Certified, ICAS – Institute’ of Chartered Accountants. All these great organizations boast of a high level of standards that ensure you’re able to get the best and high-quality practitioners.

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The GM Professional Accountants are mostly specialized in shopify E-commerce’ businesses, whereby the major businesses transact through Paypal, Amazon, and eBay. They have specialists who will guide you through the extraction of reports which are required for VAT and accounting deadlines.

The Appropriate Time For shopify E-Commerce Sellers To File Returns

There are various dates set by the authorities liable for taxation for filing of returns by the sole traders and the companies. As a sole trader, whether you’ve employees or operate your business on your own, you are expected to submit tax returns by 31st January every year. On the other hand, if you own a registered company that deals with shopify E-commerce products, you must file your returns at least 9 months’ post the period of accounting.

Claimable Allowable Expenses

-You must have records of various expenses which were incurred for all the sales that were made on the e- commerce’ business.

-For the accounting expenses, whether you engage services from a professional’ accountant or utilize the accounting software, you are entitled to claim for the preparation of tax’ expenses and reduction of tax filing.


-Costs of shipping and the taxes which are associated with your item

-Expenses incurred on office equipment – you are allowed to request for the expenses of your office and various services which include furniture, internet service, and computers and so on.

-The cost incurred on the manufacturing of tools, supplies and the materials.

-Deduction on the home office – you are allowed to claim for the deductions if you operate e-commerce

business’ form your office exclusively used for that purpose’.

-Damaged or Returned Items – You must record the beginning and endings of the stock in order to be able to claim their deductions.

-You must brace yourself for shopify E-Commerce fees, bank fees, Paypal fees, and the postage costs.

Various Types of Accounting’ Services that you Need as an E-Commerce Seller’.

The following includes the various services you will require in order to be an E-commerce Seller.

-Statement of confirmation -Bookkeeping
-Accounts for statutory company -The abbreviated accounts
-Statement of pension compliance -Returns of VAT on each quarter -Self-assessment’ directors’ tax return

Therefore, whether you require a very small amount of money or just sell one or two items’ from the e- commerce’ business, it is your responsibility to file the tax returns. This is the reason as to why it is important to engage’ services from accounting expert and professional tax in order to take care of various financial matters and accounting. Additionally, you are allowed to claim various deductions for preparation of account expenses. You don’t necessarily need to do the accounting on your own. This is the appropriate time you should be concentrating on the activities that will grow and promote your business. The requirements of your good business will determine the type of accounting’ services which are suitable for you.

What accounting software works best with Shopify?

A cloud based bookkeeping system is ideal for an online business, as this can easily record data digitally and allows you to view various reports. Here at GM professional accountants we have partnered with Xero.  The cloud based bookkeeping software comes with our packages.

GM Professional accountants have offices located in London, Manchester and Essex.