Accountants in Birmingham

Accountants in Birmingham

  • We have a three best-rated accountant’s award
  • We are experts in small business accounting
  • We are self-assessment tax preparation and filing specialists
  • We provide fixed fees which we agree upon in advance
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If you are in Birmingham and need the services of accountants then you are in the right place.. We understand that finding a dependable local accountant that has expertise in a variety of needs and services is hard. As such, we have experts in the different accounting specializations that will provide for the variety of needs that your company or you as a person may require.

With our company, you get access to services that include:

  • Tax filing for Personal self-assessment
  • Preparation and filing of CT600 and accounts for Small business Limited Company services
  • VAT filing and VAT advice
  • Services for contractor accounting
  • Payroll and pensions auto-enrolment services
  • Company incorporation services
  • Property income tax and capital gains tax
  • Self-employed and self-assessment tax return services

From our offices in Birmingham, we make available accounting services to private persons and companies alike. Among the services that you can get from our experts include general tax advice on the variety of packages we have and assistance to ensure that you are compliant and have filed your tax returns before the deadline.

What makes us the best as compared to other accountants in Birmingham is that we have the know-how, expertise, and commitment to our clients that always have them coming back. Our clients know that they can rely on us to be one step ahead of the curve since we are always on top of any new developments including any modifications to HM revenue structures and regulations and changes to customs tax regulations and laws.

Our accountants have all the information on the laws and regulations to ensure that you are compliant. They will also provide information on the tax obligations and any expenses arising from the variety of tax regulations relating to your business. When you let us work on your accounting and returns, we will ensure that all your self-assessment and tax returns are prepared and filed in an accurate and timely fashion. Moreover, our company provides packages tailored for small businesses such as the preparation of corporate accounts and filing of taxes.

Accounting for Limited Companies

We provide accounting for companies’ house, HMRC and tax returns, and filing for CT600. Our packages include everything you may need including bookkeeping, trial balances and the making of final accounts. By providing comprehensive accounting services, we ensure that you or your business is compliant with all the rules and regulations that apply in the jurisdiction.

We make sure that all the information you file with the authorities is accurate for each task. This makes it possible to spot opportunities for allowable expenses so that you can pay less tax. By taking advantage of our comprehensive services, you can free more of your time that can then be used for more critical activities such as marketing. This will help grow your business since you will not bogged down doing mind-numbing accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

As such, we can guarantee that when you work with us, you are working with accountants who take your business affairs seriously and with expertise and caution borne of experience. Nonetheless, despite our seriousness with the task, we always strive to provide a personal touch to every client. It is vital to know the tax requirements of your Limited Company which is deemed a legal entity upon its formation.

As a sole trader, there is no real distinction between you and the business and hence you can take out money from the business as you wish. However, things are different when your business is designated as a limited liability company. With such a designation, money can only be taken out in the forms of directors’ loans, gratuities, dividends, or PAYE earnings. The rules governing the working of a limited company and the tax requirements can become quite convoluted and hence it is important to contract an accountant as soon as you start operations.

Tax Returns for Self-Assessment

The filling and groundwork for self-assessment ought not to be a stressful or expensive undertaking. From out offices in Birmingham, you get to enjoy cheap, comprehensive, affordable and hassle-free tax returns without having to leave the city.

Capital Gains Tax

We are specialists in capital gains tax and have helped many clients needing such services in Canary Wharf and the nearby suburbs. We help prepare and file PPR and Letting relief to help our clients reduce the amount payable on the capital gains tax. Nonetheless, we always advise that you contact us early enough so that we can advise you on the planning and documentation procedures that you need to take into account while preparing your returns. Many people who do not get the advice or plan well in advance tend to get huge capital gains tax bills, since they lack an understanding of the working of CGT.

R & D Tax Credits

We are specialists in R&D tax credits that the government provides as incentives to businesses in the United Kingdom that invest in innovation. This credit can either be claimed as a refund or help to reduce corporation tax.

If you run an SME (Small and medium-sized business) you could be eligible for one or both of the following credits:

  • If you have made a loss you can claim 14.5%
  • You can claim up to 130% more of your eligible Research and development expenses in the forms of a tax adjustment. In addition to the expenses themselves being fully tax-deductible, you will have a deduction totaling 230%.

Freelancer accounting services

We provide accounting services for freelancers that may be working either as Limited companies or sole traders. We assist you in claiming permissible expenses by providing services that include assistance with self-assessment groundwork and filing, statutory accounts, issuing dividend vouchers and bookkeeping. Our packages are designed to meet your fiscal and legal requirements.

Property Tax return

Due to the abolishment of tear and wear allowance and the restriction on mortgage interest, preparing and filing property taxes is now a more complicated affair. As such, it is critical to get tax planning advice right from the start so that you can determine the correct split between partners and spouse. Advance tax planning provides huge tax advantages as it gives you more control.

E commerce online business

We specialise in Ecommerce platforms, this includes Amazon accounting services, shopify, paypal, Ebay and various drop shipping platforms, Our services are tailor made, affordable and hassle free. We understand the distance selling rules and place of supply of goods and services. There are different rules from business to business, business to consumer and reverse charges. This is a specialist sector and we have experience and expertise in this department.