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Setting up a new company can be difficult, GM Professional Accountants are here to make the process simple and easy to understand. Our packages are affordable and we ensure that you understand the structure.

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More information on company formation services

There are a number of Company formation agents, it is important for you to understand the responsibilites of the Directors and shareholders.  GM Professional accountants can assist with the following:

  • Limited company shareholder agreements
  • Articles of Association
  • Share capital structure and dividend policies
  • Tax planning advice

If you have been operating as a sole trader and you have decided to make the move to a limited company, we can assist you and guide you on how to cease trading and incorporate.

There are various benefits of a limited company; one of them is the veil of corporation, which basically means this separates and limits the liability. Your personal assets are separate from the company and this can be overruled if you have a directors guarantee in place.

We have an article on sole trader v limited company , you can assess and see if this route is right for you. Once you have selected to form a company, we will incorporate the name and then register you with HMRC for payroll, corporation tax and vat value added tax. You will need to set up a limited company bank account and if this has not been done then there could be additional taxes at the year end.

You will have responsibilities as an officer of the company, GM professional Accountants will assist you on this and we have a Directors guide that we provide to all our clients. This ensures you understand your responsibilities and the deadlines for the limited company.

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