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Payroll services for Small Business

Our accountants here in the East London region take care of your payroll this saves you the hassle and time. We are able to provide good value support for small business payroll production.

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GM Professional Accountants work out the tax and national insurance contributions for your company’s employees. Our Accountants, who specialise in Payroll Services, handle all the adjustments for maternity, paternity leave or sicknesses. Our accountants submit the payroll information and calculations for your authorisation, and provide you payslips that are sent by hard copy or electronically.

Payroll Services in London

Our specialist Accountants here in East London, prepare your monthly RTI (Real Time Information) returns and produce P45 forms for any employee that leaves. We complete your year-end procedures by producing a P60 for your employees that is submitted to HMRC.

Using our Payroll Services in London, helps you focus on developing your business, as all you submit to our Payroll Accountants is all the relevant information for your employees, i.e. timesheets, sicknesses or holidays. GM Professional Accountants guarantee that our work is delivered accurately, flexible to you and calculate it quick and efficiently. Best way to go about it is letting our Payroll Accountants know the frequency of what you pay and when you pay.

What GM Professional Accountants provide for Payroll?

  • A.Y.E (Pay As You Earn) Registration
  • Monthly, Weekly or Fortnight payroll
  • Managing the information we send to HMRC and to the employers. All you do as the manager or business director is pay them accordingly from the NET pay on the pay slip.
  • We give you information about RTI (Real Time Information), auto-enrolment pensions and tax relief schemes.
  • P45 Forms, for each employee that has left.
  • P60 Forms, for the year end.
  • Payroll that is only outsourced directly to your accountant (GM Professional Accountants).

GM Professional Accountants provide our Payroll Services as a separate package; it is still very cheap from the average cost price.

For Free Consultation and Advice on our Payroll Services please Contact GM Professional Accountants on the following:

Telephone: 0208 396 6128