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If you need accounting services in Manchester, your search has come to an end. We are Online Manchester accountants, providing video live meeting from your home. We know that finding a reliable accountant is not that easy, particularly if you are looking for accountants who can cater to a range of needs and provide the services that your business needs.

The following are some of the services we provide:

  1. Tax return services for Personal Self-Assessment
  2. Self Employed and Self-Assessment tax returns
  3. Preparations and filing of CR600 and accounts for Limited company and small businesses
  4. Property income tax and capital gains tax
  5. VAT returns and VAT advice
  6. Company incorporation services
  7. Contactor accounting services
  8. Payroll and pension auto-enrolment services

We provide accounting and other business services to private individuals and businesses. Among our services are assistance in the filing, submission, and fulfilment of your tax obligation before the due date, and general tax advice on a sliding scale.

We have gained a reputation for our experience, skills, and dedication to our clients. We are always up to date on the happenings and developments in the field of tax accounting.

We make it our business to be updated on any changes in HM revenue systems, regulations and customs tax laws.

Our specialists will guide you in how to be compliant with all the laws including any regulations and tax expenses that may arise from those regulations. When you choose to work with us, you can be sure that we will file your self-assessment and tax returns in time and accurately. We have different packages for your small business that include the preparation of your company accounts and the filing of your tax returns.

Limited Company Accounting

For your limited company, we provide companies house, HMRC and CT600 tax returns services. We provide a range of services that include preparation of final accounts, trial balances and general accounting to ensure that your company is in compliance with all the laws and tax regulations in your jurisdiction.

This will ensure that all the accounting and tax information is accurate, which increases allowable expenses and could probably reduce your tax payable too. Working with GM professional accountants as a small business, you can delegate the tedious bookkeeping tasks to us so that you can have the time to work on more important activities to build your business.

As such, we design our packages with a personal touch even as we use our caution and expertise from long years of experience to give you the best service. It is important to understand that once a limited company is formed, the designation comes with tax obligations of a separate legal entity from the owner.

You can do whatever you like with the money the business makes as a sole trader. However, since the limited company is a separate entity, money can only be withdrawn in the form of directors’ loans, bonuses, dividend or PAYE income. The laws that a limited company has to adhere to including the tax obligations can be a complicated mess and it is always advisable to engage the services of an account if you intend to set up one.

Self-Assessment Tax Return

The filing and preparation of self-assessment returns should not stress you out or cost you thousands. Our Online accountants, will work with you so that you can have cheap, hassle-free and affordable self-assessment preparation and filing without needing to leave Manchester.


Self-Assessment Tax Returns Online

When we work with your business, you can be certain that professional tax experts are working on your returns. The specialists will provide advice and answer any questions on any queries you may have obligation-free.

The service is offered free of charge when you get the tax returns package . Our professionals are always available to prepare your tax filings fast and accurately so that you never have to worry about penalties imposed with noncompliance.

Moreover, our specialists have the experience and expertise which they will use to review your filing to ensure that you get the maximum tax refund available. In addition, they will also offer advice on expenses related to personal tax returns that can then be claimed to reduce tax payable. If you are either a company director or are self-employed you will be required to file self-assessment tax returns. By getting advice on tax planning and the proper, accurate filing of returns, the process can be made as painless as it should be.

Property Tax returns

Since the coming into effect of the mortgage interest restriction regulations, it has become even more critical to get an accountant if you want to get the most appropriate tax planning advice. The wear and tear allowance has been scrapped while the renewals method is now law. Our firm always reviews your tax positions and provide recommendations on where you need tax planning so that you can be in compliance with HM revenue customs regulations.


Accounting for Contractors

We have custom packages made specifically for contractors that operate their small limited companies and offer tax planning services to ensure that you save as much as you can on your taxes. This will result in an increase in your profits. Our accounting experts have expertise in VAT and will offer guidance on expenses that are exempted. We also advise you on the 24-month rule and how to use it to claim subsistence and travel expenses.

Capital gains tax

GM Professional accountants specialize in capital gains tax as we have helped many people claim Letting relief and PPR to reduce tax owed on capital gains. This can always be planned ahead of time and hence it is critical to get the advice of a professional. A lot of people misunderstand capital gains tax, which often results in a huge bill if one is not careful.

Tax Credits for R & D

Our firm has specialists in Research and Development tax, which come in handy particularly at a time when UK businesses engaging in innovation can take advantage of government incentives. These incentives can be claimed as surrender able loss or reaction in corporation tax so that your business can get a refund.

Small and medium-sized enterprises can get the following incentives for R&D

  1. 230% of R&D expenses including the existing 100% in addition to another 130%
  2. Companies making losses can claim up to 14.5 percent on allowable losses

Accounting services for Freelancers

We offer freelance accounting services for both limited companies and sole traders. We help you claim allowable expenditures. We also help you with self-assessment preparation and submission, bookkeeping, statutory account and issuance of dividend vouchers. We have customized packages to meet your financial and legal needs.

E commerce business accounting services

We provide accounting and tax services on various E commerce platforms, The sectors that we specialise are in are  Amazon FBA, paypal, shopify Ebay and drop shipping platforms. We provide guidance on place of goods and services for vat purposes. Guidance on distance selling rules.

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