Accountants for Chiropractors & Physiotherapists

Specialist Accountants for Chiropractors & Physiotherapists

Whether you are bootstrapping your own operation from a home office, have your own establishment or rent a room at the local health care clinic, we can make running your chiropractic practice easier by taking off some of the burden.
Your job is to make your patient able to look over their shoulders again. Our job is to help you stop looking over your shoulder!

We are here to assist you in managing your finances so that you will not waste time chasing down debts, or worse lose revenue from not getting paid. We have cloud-based accounting software that has been configured to ensure that your accounts are up to date, without you having to expend too much effort that should be spent building your business.
As a chiropractor, the regulations do not allow you to register for VAT and hence you will not have to register.


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Nonetheless, you still have to think about the different tax regulations that are relevant to your business. You have to make the decision of whether to run your chiropractor practice as a limited company or not, as this will determine how much tax you will pay. This will be personal to you just like many tax regulations are. It is worth taking into account aspects not related to tax such as limitation of liability, which is one of the benefits of running your business as a limited liability company.

Many chiropractors that we work with are interested in learning how much they can claim from exemptions to reduce their tax obligations. In addition to the ordinary business expenses such as marketing, training, and rent, there are several expenses that a chiropractor has, which can save you money by reducing your tax obligations.

We do believe that your accountant needs to be conversant with your different chiropractic needs, and we are happy to offer you our expertise that will help you strengthen and grow your business going forward.

GM professional accountants specializes in helping businesses in the health industry with their tax and accounting requirements. As such, we are always ready to help you with tax returns and preparation of your accounts for your chiropractic practice. We are experts in the health and wellbeing sector and we will provide professional tax advice and planning (we do VAT, capital gains tax, corporation tax, and income tax).

We have customized and cost- effective tax and accounting advice that will be specific to your chiropractic practice. As chartered accountants, we have been providing professional advice to companies and small businesses for years and hence you can rest assured that you are in good hands.