Accountants for Recruitment agencies

Hire Accountants for Recruitment agencies in London and Essex

Recruitment has always been the art of finding the right skills, knowledge, and expertise on a particular subject matter. Accountancy, co-incidentally, require the same set of skills as well. This is why hiring accountants for recruitment make the ideal game plan for any situation.

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You might be wondering what benefits you might get from taking such a bold move. This article covers all the main advantages of taking such a decision.

1. Self-Assessment

Before asking yourself if you need an accountant, ask yourself what are the filing dates for recruitment agencies. When assessing your company assets & numbers, many have to make the deadline of to file the dates for recruitment. A recruiter might not be able to handle all the numbers by himself or herself.

Accountants in london

In such situations, accountants can come in quite handy and might prove to be the heroes that the situation demands. if you are self employed then your tax return filing date will be either 31st October for paper form and 31st January for electronic returns. If on the other hand you operate as a limited company, then your filing date is 9 months after your accounting period ends.

2. Allowable expenses.

Many agencies do not understand what are allowable expenses and neither on the tax return form. An accountant can assess any given situation within minutes and roll out numbers to satisfy the needs of the client. This comes in extremely handy. Instantaneous tax advice. You may claim motor expenses, office equipment, stationary, travel and many more.

3. Services required.

You might wonder at this point, what type of accounting services might a recruiting agency need? This is a complex question, as the need can vary from organisation to organisation. The type of organisation plays a pivotal role in the type of service required. If you’re a private limited company, you might require company accounts, payroll, vat returns and directors self assessment. But if you are self employed then you will need to do accounts and self assessment tax return.

4. Choosing the right one.

After making up your mind about hiring an accountant for the recruitment agency, you might still be faced with the humongous task of finding the right one. Choosing an accountant online is not as easy as it seems. You must carefully scrutinise the inherent qualities of each and every accountant. You can check GM Professional Accountants google reviews, see reviews from our previous clientele.

These were some of the reasons why accountants for recruitment agencies is a good idea. There are many tasks which can be handled by the recruiter and the accountant simultaneously to ease the work pressure on the recruiter. The numbers can speak for themselves and thus, give the accountant a chance to work his or her magic on the said numbers is the best way to run a successful business. If you’re looking for trustworthy accountants in London, you can simply perform a simple Google search to see who tops the list in your area. While it is not true that the first result is the best one. GM Professional Accountants have 5 start reviews and have been rated the best rated accountants in our local area.

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