Accountants for new businesses

Accountants for new businesses

The success of any economy in the long run is a strong core of small businesses. These businesses are highly encouraged in most societies and contribute to employment, taxes and innovation. This means that if you are in the process of creating your own small business, you are doing something far more important than you can think! Not only are you fulfilling your own dreams, but you are making a way for a more prosperous future for the overall economy.


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There are many things to consider when starting a small business, and they should all be figured out in advance. If decisions are made too late, then the general running of the business can take over, thus compromising the integrity of your choices.

One such decision that is important to make is whether to create a limited company or just register as self-employed. If you are just starting out, then let’s talk about how to structure your company based on your needs. If you are already rolling, then the decision can still be made wisely, just make it quickly!

Registering as Self Employed

The first option is to register for self assessment. For many people this is the best option. It is simple, uncluttered and doesn’t require too much maintenance throughout the year. This will fit your business if you are a freelancer, don’t have many employees or are providing a consultancy service. The more complicated your business becomes, then the more need there is for legal protections.

The big advantage of being registered for self assessment is that the accounts you are required to keep are much less involved than a limited company. A simple ingoings and outgoings is sufficient, and then a once per year tax return is then required. The simplicity of this is that you and your business are viewed as the same legal entity by the government, so everything starts and stops with you. This includes national insurance and income tax.

So to recap, a simple business where you are not crowded with huge overheads and employment responsibilities is easier to manage if you are registered as self employed.

Registering as a Limited Company

The next option that is available to you is to create a limited company. This is what all major companies are registered as, so that tells you how important it can be. The nature of a limited company means that legally it is viewed as a legal entity in it’s own right. This means that any debts or liabilities stop with the company, you as a person cannot inherit the debts from a company. However, this also means that the profits from this company are subject to a “corporation tax”, so it isn’t all good news!This fact should bring to mind when a limited company is appropriate to have a limited company. If you are going to be holding large amounts of stock, and in turn huge levels of debt, then it is a very wise decision to make the company limited. If you have large overheads, staff needs or potential legal issues then having a limited company is highly recommended. This will mean that if a storm comes, your company will be the one that has to answer and not you personally. With this protection however comes closer scrutiny from the tax man. The accounts that need to be kept are much more involved than when you are self employed. This is why most large companies have an on site accountant, or even accountancy department. If you are not quite there yet, hiring an outside accountant is much cheaper and wise investment.

Accountants for new small businesses

Many people setting up a company in London or the surrounding area would benefit greatly from the help of an accountant from the ground level up. A well skilled accountant can point out cash issues you may have in your company long before you are able to spot them. Another advantage would be that the continual maintenance of the accounts can be outsourced. Doing everything in house can lead to a loss of priorities. Focus on building your business, and leave the number crunching to the accountants.

So to sum up, a complicated risk heavy business would require a limited company to safely function, but a simple low cost business can be handled adequately with a self employed status. No matter which is right for your business, the right choice is always to hire an accountant!