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If you are in the building industry, there is no escaping CIS tax returns. However, one of the pitfalls of the CIS tax returns is that if you make a mistake when filing, you can end up paying much more than you should. This is where GM professional accountants comes in with its experienced and professional team that assists construction workers to file their CIS tax returns. We are Specialists in this field and have experience and expertise in this field.

The CIS deductions are balanced off in the tax payers’ return at the end of the tax year and there may be a refund or additional tax to be paid after taking into to consideration the CIS advance payments.

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 How CIS Scheme Works?

It is mandatory for contractors to register for the CIS scheme.nSubcontractors have a choice not to register, but CIS deductions are taken at 30% rather then 20% from their pay if they have not registered.

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There rates vary from  0-30% this will depend on the eligibility of the subcontractor. The purpose of CIS is to reduce tax evasion in construction industry, as this method takes tax in advance and ensures subcontractors register for self assessment. The process is complex and requires handling the expertise of CIS specialists in order to ensure that the process is prepared and filed correctly.

When you receive your wages or salary through CIS, the contractor slices off a huge chunk of your pay before you get any of it. This money goes to pay HMRC returns as an advance payment on the National Insurance and tax that you will owe. There is nothing your contractor can do to get out of this as they are required by law to do this. However, it can be quite painful as a subcontractor to have every penny you earn taxed, and yet not get your tax free Personal Allowance. The regulation was put in place to reduce tax evasion rampant in the construction industry, though as it stands, it is the honest contractors who carry most of the burden.

However, it is not all bad news as you can claim all the extra tax you paid when you file your Self-Assessment tax returns. Yeah, you still have to file your returns even when the HMRC has already taken 20% of your earnings. If you paid more tax than you should have, you are entitled to a tax refund.

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I’m CIS, Do I still have to pay tax?

Yes, you will still have your tax deducted from the contractor (the tax is deducted before you get your pay) typically at a rate of about 20% of your earnings as explained above.

However, do not confuse this as being employed, as the CIS still counts you as self-employed even if you feel that you are not. The requirement to still continue filing annual Self-Assessment returns is the big difference. If you do not file the returns you could run into serious trouble that include:

-Loss of the tax-free Personal Allowance
-Loss of your entitlement to tax relief for any work expenses
-You will have trouble with the HMRC, which will come after you for not filing!

If you are still getting CIS statements when you should not be, contact GM professional accountants for a consultation. Our experts will explain how the system works, and ensure that you do not pay too much taxes, while still keeping you compliant with HMRC regulations.

You are self-employed but you have not been receiving any CIS statements from the contractors. What do you need to do?

CIS contractors have to adhere to strict rules regarding deduction and payment statements. They have to send these statements whenever subcontractors get paid and before certain deadlines.  If you have not been getting your CIS payments, you do not have to panic. More likely than not, it could be a simple admin mix. Contact the contractor and ask that they give you your certificates for the sake of keeping your Self-Assessment records current.

However, it is important to take care of the problem. It may just turn out that the contractor has not been filing correctly with the HMRC, which can cause problems for you at the end of the tax accounting year. If you can’t get anywhere with your contractor, consult GM for help and advice moving forward. We are experts in all tax accounting when it comes to the UK construction industry, and we will get right onto your case to get a solution fast.


You are self-employed, do you still need to file tax returns?

You have to submit Self-Assessment returns if you are engaged in any business or are self-employed. If you work in construction, you will more likely than not have to file under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). You will have to take into consideration a few extra points in your self-assessment returns when you are a subcontractor under the CIS. If you do not have a good understanding of how the system works, you can end up paying a lot of extra taxes that you should not be paying. If you believe that you may be entitled to a tax rebate, check out our packages for CIS tax refunds.


I already contracted an accountant, can I still work with you?

It should be no problem that you already have an accountant as nothing could be easier than switching to GM professional accountants. All we will do is get you to sign a new 64-8 form if you already had your accountant registered as your agent. We can also contact your old accountant and explain everything to them.

If you like, we can help you avoid the awkward conversations with your old accountant, as we can furnish you with a template of termination of contract agreement to send to them.

We have served a lot of people who have their own accountants file their self-assessment returns even when they were contracted under CIS. Since we have a lot of industry expertise, we know best how to ensure you get the maximum rebates you are entitled to.

Our wide experience in the construction industry means that we can handle all the complicated regulations unique to the CIS that a general accountant may not have the expertise to handle. Instead of an hourly rate, we charge a simple package fee that includes everything up to aftercare throughout the tax year. This is the reason many clients have shifted all their tax accounting needs to GM.

We offer ongoing services that are more in-depth than anything out there. If you are VAT registered or have a limited company, our full GM Accounting package would be a great fit. It is a great package for Partnerships and Limited companies, as it helps grow your business and keeps you compliant and safe from the tax man. The packages are some of the cheapest in the industry starting from as little as 60 pounds every month.


On what areas of my business can I claim rebates on expenses?

Understanding what expenses you can claim when submitting your Self-Assessment returns is one of the most critical information you need to have. A lot of people have no idea what expense they can claim, and end up paying more tax than they should be.
Some examples of tax rebates you can claim in construction include:

1)Accountancy fees
2)Work travel expenses
3)Materials needed for work
4)Essential equipment and tools
5)General costs of running a business which is anything from advertising to stationery

Most of these are critical to the running of your business and can be claimed against the income that is taxable.

For more information on CIS subcontractor accountancy services, contact GM Professional Accountants

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