IT Contractor Accountants London

GM Professional accountants provide accounting and taxation services to  IT Contractors that are Freelanced.

When you become an IT Contractor, there can be a lot of implications surrounding your tax affairs. You will need to know how to organise our bookkeeping and managing your deadlines. GM Professional Accountants help to make the process efficient. We have dedicated staff that specialise in IT Contractors.

We educate you to ensure that you understand the implications and provide you with information to make your decisions.

We have experience and expertise in the contractor field, our Accountant team based in East London can handle your IT contractor issues and provide solutions.

Our IT Contractors Accountants compute your tax liability, this ensures you are provided with the best tax saving methods contractors.  We help you through the most complex transactions such as the Directors Loan to ensure you are aware of the extra tax charge.

GM professional accountants handle all your accounting and taxation affairs for our IT Contractor clients.

When you become an IT contractor through a limited company, it is important to understand the veil of corporation. Also it is important for you to understand the best tax planning solutions and expenditure that is allowable. It is vital to plan our strategy from the start otherwise it may become difficult to overcome extra tax at your year end.

The areas that you will usually be needing help in will be corporation tax, PAYE, and self assessment. You may need further guidance on allowable expenses and responsibilities of a director.

We provide you with the latest information to ensure you are compliant in your field. This is important as you may save more tax if these are implemented.

We offer great packages at competitive prices, our services are listed below.

  • Corporation Tax service
  • Company accounts
  • Self assessment
  • Dividend services
  • Paye services

At your year end there will be decisions to make for dividends and income tax implications. These are the areas which GM professional Accountants specialise in. We ensure that the best tax planning solutions are offered to our IT contractor clients. The process of preparations and submission should be transparent and hassle free. This allows you to concentrate on your job while we take care of your tax affairs.

Having specialist IT contractor accountants by your side helps lessen the burden and ensures that you stay on top of your deadlines.

Clients will have access to expert knowledge and the experience that GM professional accountants have.