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We go one step further for our clients.

Our business accountants ensure you understand that Limited company business owners have a legal responsibility to calculate the correct Corporation tax liability (Corporation Tax return), and we therefore aim to prepare Tax returns efficiently to minimise any burdens or constraints caused by tax administration here in London.

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Business accountants providing corporation Tax returns for Limited Companies

GM Professional Accountants address small limited company businesses, we prepare and submit your corporate tax returns, in a quick and efficient manner. Our specialist accountants deal with all of your business tax matters, including preparing income or corporation tax computations here in London and Essex.

Filing Responsibilities for Limited Companies

These are some of the filing responsibilities for limited companies are:

  • Annual Self Assessment Tax Return
  • Annual Accounts
  • CT600 Corporation Tax Return
  • Annual Employer Returns
  • Quarterly VAT Returns

Small business tax services

You may be considering setting up a limited company or may have done so already? The filing responsibilities may sound and look daunting, but do not be afraid. Yes, it does create more paper work for you, but that is business and you can transfer all your paper work to an accountant. GM Professional Accountants Tax Services in London provide all the services you need for a limited company, from Business Start-up, Bookkeeping, Payroll Services and preparation to submission of your Corporation Tax or Self Assessment Tax Returns.

As we are experienced professionals in accounting we can give you detailed and informative advice on what is best for your business, Sole Trader or Limited Company. All of our clients and new clients come to us and have no idea of the consequences of what they have selected as their type of business, after our advice they feel confident on which route to take, as certain companies may benefit being a Limited Company and some businesses benefit being a sole trader.

Annual Return: Your annual return must be filed at Companies House, with a fee of £13 if you have filed it electronically or £40 if on paper. This is an overview of information about your company. People do confuse this with the annual accounts, which are also filed to companies’ house, but are different.
Annual Accounts: HMRC requires a full set of your companies’ accounts with a director’s report and a detailed profit and loss account, whereas Companies House only requires a condensed set of accounts.

You must file accounts to both HMRC and Companies House, as they are two separate government departments, our Accountancy Service provides this.
CT600 Corporation Tax Return: This must be left to an accountant; GM Professional Accountants Tax Services does include this with the limited company package. We will complete a CT600 form for you, as HMRC will need this information along with the full set of accounts.
Annual Self-Assessment: Despite how much the director’s earn, each director has to complete a self-assessment that shows all the directors income, not just the income from the company they are director of.

Annual Employer Returns: Any business, sole trader or Limited Company who employ staff have a multiple requirements to report to HMRC. For example P.A.Y.E RTI submissions, all employers are required to send payroll information to HMRC on or before each payday. GM Professional Accountants will do this for you, once you have planned how you would like to pay your staff, so we can submit this information for you.

Quarterly VAT Returns: All businesses who has a turnover that exceeds the VAT threshold in the previous 12 months must account for and register for VAT. Once you have registered for VAT, you are required as a business to complete a quarterly VAT Return. Call GM Professional Accountants for more information about registering for VAT, as you may need to register for VAT as soon as possible, before you start gathering fines from HMRC.

Our business accountants can also discuss the different types of  Accountancy Services that we provide so why not book an appointment with GM Professional Accountants in East London today. For better understanding on Corporation Tax Returns and extra free advice on Limited Companies, call us today on: 0208 396 6128 or email us at:

you may need to register for vat , for more information visit our vat return page.

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