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Our vision and our achievements:

  • Over one hundred ‘5 star’ “client satisfaction reviews” Save time, stay organised and Transform into a profitable business
  • Business excellence award winners for 2023 for “Most Client-Focused Business Tax & Accounting firm” knowing you’re in safe hands
  • 10 years of experience with HMRC and our client service guarantee, maximising your tax allowances

We go one step further for our clients.

The preparation and filing of returns can be quite a challenge. The whole process is not only time consuming but is also highly complex. Moreover, you cannot afford to file incorrect tax returns or even worse not file at all, as you could face severe consequences for doing so. As such, it is critical to work with expert tax accountants in London, if you are not very conversant with tax processes. GM Professional accountants are highly rated  tax accountants in London that will assist you not only with your tax returns but will also provide advice in how you can pay less tax within the legal frameworks.

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Tax preparation services for small businesses

No matter your revenue sources, whether you are a company director, self-employed person or any other designation, you are required by law to submit your tax returns. You have to file HM Revenue and Customs tax returns before the set deadline if you are to be compliant. If you fail to submit the yearly tax returns on time, you could find yourself having to pay a huge fine. Moreover, if you do not submit your tax returns, the HMRC will become more interested in your finances. As such, you could be the subject of a tax investigation which could just cause more problems for you.

We take off the burden of having to prepare your end of year accounting and tax returns so that you can focus on business development. We have integrated platforms that takes all your accounts and compiles them for easy record keeping. Once we have all your records, we submit your tax returns to the HMRC and Companies House. You no longer have to waste days or even weeks digging through spreadsheets, trial balances and other books to try to prepare your tax returns. We will take care of all your accounting so that you can sit back knowing it has been done right.

Why Contract GM accountants as your personal tax accountant?

We have assisted and continue to assist hundreds of clients in London, giving advice on accounting and tax matters. We are professionals with years of training and experience, which means we have the expertise to provide unparalleled tax accounting services to any type of business. Our clients range from big corporate entities, medium size corporations, high net worth individuals and self-employed persons. Our tax accountants provide the entire tax accounting package as they will do everything from the preparation of accounts, right up to the filing of tax returns. If you are looking for a professional accounting firm for some practical advice on tax accounting and returns, then we can assist you with the following:

1) Calculation of your tax liability
2) Advice on compliance with rules and regulations
3) Preparation of your yearly tax returns
4) Representation in your dealings with the Tax Office
5) Submission of your tax returns
6) Capital gains tax advice
7) Tax relief claims
8) Residence and domicile advice
9) Practical advice on how to minimize your tax liabilities through proper tax planning

GM Professional accountants have offices in Ilford, Canary wharf and Wimbledon.

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